Trichomes shots with my new microscope


strawberry kush trichomes from today ,i tried to pick some frosty leaves

Sat Nov 18 00-06-30

Sat Nov 18 00-06-55

Sat Nov 18 00-07-55

Sat Nov 18 00-10-26

i’m seeing mainly amber i think


today’s pictures from the white widow

Sat Nov 18 00-16-24

Sat Nov 18 00-16-53

Sat Nov 18 00-17-18

Sat Nov 18 00-18-39

i can’t really make my mind up about these one’s ,what do you all think


Since I took my Widows early (fear of rot) with just milky I’v been happy with them. However, I have read that White Widows seem to take longer getting to amber than some other strains. Maybe someone will chime in here with their experience :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah they are supposed to go longer, and the strawberry is supposed to go longer, but the strawberry kush looks almost ready and the white widow looks like it needs at least another week, maybe even 2, I have to get the timing right as even though I would prefer to harvest them both together, I will be stem splitting both of these but the trichomes will tell me when to do when to do it


todays shots of the white widow

Tue Nov 21 21-51-13

i decided to pick these yellow frosty leaves from right in the bud

Tue Nov 21 21-51-39

Tue Nov 21 21-52-06

Tue Nov 21 21-52-24

showing a fair amount of amber


todays strawberry,i think you’ll like this

Tue Nov 21 21-56-39

Tue Nov 21 21-56-58

Tue Nov 21 21-57-32

Tue Nov 21 21-58-21

lots of amber ,screaming at me to split her stem i think


Out of likes @daz49 :+1: I love looking at the trichomes on the yellow leaf it really brings out the amber.


Thanks brother, I thought I’d try something different and there are more frosty yellow leaves from right in the bud, but to be honest I was let down, the kush stands out


check some of these out

Mon Nov 27 19-43-28

Mon Nov 27 19-44-31

Mon Nov 27 19-47-54

Mon Nov 27 19-46-32

these are from the gold leaf


Check this out… 500x my friend, whit this baby! Sun Nov 26 22-04-14
Sun Nov 26 22-04-18Mon Nov 20 21-07-04Mon Nov 20 21-17-02

Sun Nov 26 22-02-17Fri Nov 10 11-54-02Fri Nov 10 11-56-16


Great shots my friend, lots of white and amber


Yep… That is my bag of seeds, but she only have a few spots where trichomes turn in amber


From the gold leaf

They have been curing a 3 weeks


Heres some Gold Leaf clones that are only 4 weeks into flower

Mon Nov 27 16-48-16

Mon Nov 27 16-50-07

Mon Nov 27 16-51-16

Mon Nov 27 16-54-41

@daz49 Using aeroponics system and last flower time was only seven weeks


Amazing shots buddy


here some shots from the white widow

Sat Dec 02 21-02-46

Sat Dec 02 21-03-42

Sat Dec 02 21-04-04

Sat Dec 02 21-04-16

Sat Dec 02 21-05-38

definitely seeing some amber now


You look at sugar leaves? I see only few trichomes in there.
You definitely need to buy something like mine.


yeah mostly i’ll take sugar leaves or a small bud or even a tip of a bud but these were just sugar leasves


a few more

Sat Dec 02 21-01-20

Sat Dec 02 21-02-19

Sat Dec 02 21-02-46

Sat Dec 02 21-06-38

Sat Dec 02 21-06-05

i don’t know if you can see more in these ,she’s being very late


Can you show us a picture of the trichomes on your buds. These leaves don;t seem to have to many on them to make a decision. :evergreen_tree::rofl:

But the ones I do see are milky or amber, maybe getting close