Trichomes shots with my new microscope


@daz49 heres how I do it man.

I wet trim. Then I take all my trim and put in freezer overnight.
I get 2 bigass bags of ice cubes from gas station.

The smallest bag should be on bottom and you stack larger ones on top of that.

I do it in 2 stages.
I mix. Then I separate.

So I have a mini washing machine I got for 60$. I have a 220 micron all mesh bag with a zipper to close it. I load up this bag with all trimmings previously frozen or just trimmed.

I then put mesh bag in washing machine and fill it with ice. I add ice cold water til it makes a nice almost freezing slushy.
I set machine for 20m. This step basically causes trichomes to fall off plant matter and suspend to the water. Ypu then pour this into the micron bags and it sorts them based on size.

Meanwhile I get my separation setup ready.
A 5 gallon bucket with all the micron bags stacked within eachother and those inside bucket.
When machine dings I pull the drain hose down and drain all water which is now bright green into the mesh bags.
It immediately separated trichomes into their sizes. You can see hash right at this step.

I then take the water that went through all the mesh bags and put it back in washer. I then set timer for 15m and do this again.

After I have poured first water in bucket and before I do the second I take a flat metal and gently scrape off the different hashes into a 25 micron drying screen. Also can use a silicon baking mat.
After this is repeated a few times and screens aren’t really showing much hash I call it.

Then separate all grades into paper plates and dice it up w a razor like its coke and let it dry a few days coming back and chipping every so often to make sure it dries well.
I keep it in small jars and don’t compress it.

Hope this helps.
Also heard of people using the water in candy so everything can be used.


i’m keeping a close eye on them and the buds are looking fit to burst ,here is the super silver haze
![Sun Oct 29 15-58-56|640x480](upload://dt8HIojxVSun Oct 29 15-56-59QWLIqYZEKQOy7AZEzs.jpg)
Sun Oct 29 15-58-20
Sun Oct 29 15-56-58
Sun Oct 29 15-56-07

she’s so close i can smell it ,but is she ready for stem splitting @bob31 @SmoknGranny @Zombo



Still some clear. Where do you want to be Darren?


this time round i’m looking for more amber and then split the stem


@daz49 well you’re close.


Yep, definitely next week some time i think


here are the trichomes on the GL and SSH ,2 days after stem splitting

Thu Nov 02 20-15-37
Thu Nov 02 20-14-34
Thu Nov 02 20-14-14


here are trichomes from the strawberry kush tonight

Fri Nov 03 22-26-17

Fri Nov 03 22-28-37

Fri Nov 03 22-28-54

Fri Nov 03 22-29-31

so how do we the were looking everyone
@HighDesertFarmer @Zombo @SmoknGranny @bob31 @DoomSack @Tylan


I’m drooling :drooling_face: again :heart:


thanks @SmoknGranny ,they are looking delish if i do say so myself,next week harvest i think


You’re welcome. I think you should be patting yourself on the back! :heart:


Thanks @SmoknGranny, I split the stems on the super silver haze and the gold leaf, they are in the dark for another day and then they are ready for harvest, I may split the stem on the strawberry kush just after


Look in good man. No way I coulda waited this long.


Thanks my friend, it aint been easy lol


took a couple of little buds from the strawberry kush to have a look ,and this is what i found

Mon Nov 06 21-55-38

Mon Nov 06 21-53-33

Mon Nov 06 21-52-51

i’m thinking mainly milky or even clear ,but i’m thinking its because they are baby buds ,could that be it ?


some strawberry kush trichomes from today

Sun Nov 12 15-57-06

Sun Nov 12 15-57-34

Sun Nov 12 15-57-57

Sun Nov 12 15-58-25

@SmoknGranny @HighDesertFarmer @Tylan @bob31


Lookin good pretty close


@daz49 what microscope are you using


This is the camera I’m using to get these shots, it’s 1000xmagnification ,gets some great shots @Sirsmokes


Here’s some frosty trichomes

@HighDesertFarmer @SmoknGranny