Trichomes shots with my new microscope


these are from the super silver haze tonight
Wed Oct 25 19-26-37
Wed Oct 25 19-25-37
Wed Oct 25 01-46-52
Wed Oct 25 19-22-41

@bob31 @SmoknGranny @Niala


here are the gold leaf tonight
Wed Oct 25 19-41-55
Wed Oct 25 19-41-24
Wed Oct 25 19-40-31
Wed Oct 25 19-39-03

I’m seeing plenty of amber how about you

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Niala @Tylan @bob31


Great pics my man.


here’s how the gold leaf are looking this morning
Fri Oct 27 14-38-16
Fri Oct 27 14-38-40
Fri Oct 27 14-38-45
Fri Oct 27 14-39-07
Fri Oct 27 14-39-32

i think maybe they are looking more milky than amber


the super silver this afternoon
Fri Oct 27 14-54-00
Fri Oct 27 14-54-29
Fri Oct 27 14-54-51
Fri Oct 27 14-55-08
Fri Oct 27 14-55-36

i think i want more amber this time ,so waiting a bit longer i think

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Looking good brother love the ssh :+1:


Thanks my brother, so what can you tell me about making hash, it’s going to be soon bro, I’ve been trimming a lot of small buds and sugar leaves, I thought the leaves for edibles and the buds for hash


Can you get dry ice bro ??



That’s over 56 grams of kief from popcorn bud @daz49 made with dry ice


I don’t know where I’d get dry ice from, I’ll have to check and get back to you, omg that’s a lot of kief and it looks tasty


Look online fir dry ice in your local area @daz49
Here in the US most welding supply stores carry it you can even find it in some super markets or places that cater to outdoorsman type sport


Oh yeah, well our normal like food stores like super markets etc don’t sell it but they sell normal ice, but I’ll check online, there’s not much Google don’t know lol


Exactly let me know if you can find it
If not we can do bubble hash or something else
But I’ve found it to be the most effective way so far
For a Home enthusiast to extract the kief and well worth the few. $ if available bro


Yeah your right, verity is the spice of life, so I need lots of it lol


Outta likes @daz49
Hahaha let me know bro


Oh yeah @Countryboyjvd1971 can you remind wot lights is it you use ? I might be ready to afford them with a new veg tent soon


I’ve made bubble hashe a few times and no longer use dry ice. I noticed it made leaf brittle as heck and introduced a ton of plant matter to the top layer. Made it headache. These past 2 times I’ve used plain ice cubes and just more stirring. Have been real pleased. Also dry ice is hard to come by here. It’s arid enough here I left my ice out to try and dry it. Just melted. Haha j/k


@HighDesertFarmer so what order do I use the hash bags in? So I do freeze the buds first after drying? Then put in the hash bags, in with ice and cold water and stir?if that’s right so far Then what


:alien: :rocket::congratulations: dandy job @Countryboyjvd1971