Trichomes shots with my new microscope


I have the 62 boveda packs and bell jars for storage. My friend said the bud was great. Said it was very mellow and lasted a long time. When he told me it was no good he was trying to smoke it before it was completely dry. I have a whole jar full I almost threw away when he told me that.
It can only get better with curing so I’m happy.


Yes definitely better if it’s dried correctly and cured with daily burping, I didn’t even know about curing or the importance of curing when I first started but I’m a total convert, proper drying and curing does make all the difference


@butchbrooks I totally agree with the curing improving. I have been smoking the bud off my plant since before I harvested. It was harsh and even after harvest still didn’t taste good. Only now a week Into cure does it even taste good and start to smell like good smoke!


here are some great shot from my gold leaf today
Sat Oct 14 19-45-53
Sat Oct 14 19-43-24
Sat Oct 14 19-45-53
Sat Oct 14 19-40-46
Sat Oct 14 19-40-22

i hope you like them ,looks mostly milky to me
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They’re getting there👍


i trimmed some today so i had to take some picture’s
Mon Oct 16 23-57-45
Tue Oct 17 00-00-18
Mon Oct 16 23-52-16
Mon Oct 16 23-53-41
Mon Oct 16 23-51-34

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Of course you did! I’m seeing a little amber :blush:


yes indeed ,a couple of weeks i reckon ,how about you


I harvested early due to weather conditions and fear of rot so I didn’t even checked trichomes on my Widows. So they’ve been trimmed and drying. I filled 4 pint jars on first batch & guessing I can fill another dozen on the rest. I still have the two clones and will try to take a pic later this week. I’m going to give them as much time as I can.


Sounds like you’ve been unlucky @SmoknGranny with all the problems you’ve had but still done well on the yeild, well done ,I had to trim as I’ve run out, so I’m leaving them as long as I can but I got to trim a bit here and there, so when I do it’s good to check the trichomes out


Since I was after the fact (the Widows were already 6 Feet tall), before finding ILGM the harvest turned out better then it would have with the advice & knowledge from here. Next spring things will be better :+1:. As to the weather … ya just can’t tell Mother Nature what to do. I should have looked at the trichomes right before we cut but they were mostly white prior to the 2 weeks of rain. I was more concerned about rot than trichomes :blush:


Hi my friend, I got my adapter for my phone and it doesn’t operate the camera,thanks for your help on my strawberry kush thread


Ugh…this is not good.
What phone and is version do you have? It was all literally plug and play for me friend @daz49 daz


hi my friend ,i have a galaxy J3


my super silver haze is looking fit to burst so i took a few leaves and this is what i see
Sun Oct 22 23-44-19
Sun Oct 22 23-43-54
Sun Oct 22 23-38-16
Sun Oct 22 23-38-35
Sun Oct 22 23-40-23

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just took these from my gold leaf this morning
Mon Oct 23 14-30-56
Mon Oct 23 14-30-18
Mon Oct 23 14-29-04
Mon Oct 23 14-28-38
Mon Oct 23 14-28-20


just took these from the super silver haze
Wed Oct 25 01-46-52
Wed Oct 25 01-46-52
Wed Oct 25 01-41-30
Wed Oct 25 01-41-06

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I see amber in the bottom two, but not so much in the top pics! Nice job with the pics! @daz49


Yeah there were a lot more amber , lighter and dark, I took 8 pictures this new camera is so much better , I thought I’d put them on later with the gold leaf


Sounds good bro. Tag me on those too. I’m headed to be now! @daz49