Trichomes shots with my new microscope


Ok I’ll give it a go my friend,so how does the snapshot function work, as I have to click it on the screen on my laptop


Thanks @HighDesertFarmer my friend, I have found one on amazon that does exactly what I want it to do, and your right it was fairly cheap, so now just wait for it to turn up and I’ll keep you updated mate


@Myfriendis410 this is the camera i have just got and here’s where I was shown it


@daz49 so when you use phonenyour screen shows live update of the camera. At bottom theres a few big buttons. One for pic one for movie and one foke settings. I just hold phone i n one hand microscope in other and just tap my thumb to capture a image. It then gets saved into gallery on phone. E’s.

Also I wanna see new pics with right focal length and less lighting with your new rig!


trying a different light setting

Thu Oct 12 19-46-46
Thu Oct 12 19-36-43
Thu Oct 12 19-38-57
Thu Oct 12 19-39-17
Thu Oct 12 19-37-17

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That looks amazing for only being a 2MP camera.


Yeah I was pretty chuffed with my 200 x magnification ,but when I was told about this one since trying it i am blown away, and I’m sure I’ll just get better at it, I can’t believe how cheap these things are


Those are magazine quality brother! @daz49


I totally agree ,they are like bud porn zoomed right it to make better bud porn, I’m just waiting for an adapter to change USB to my phone connection and I’m told I’ll be able to use it on my mobile, if that’s true, then I can get right in on my buds while they are still on the plant growing to check the trichomes, if that’s the case it’s gonna be fricken killer


Looking great @daz49 ! Make sure that little weird piece of plastic is taken off the front! I took a few shots with it on cuz it’s very lens like hah.


Here’s pics of a dried bud. I had to pick a few branches about 10 days ago because of bud rot. I gave some that I picked a couple of weeks ago to a friend and he said he didn’t get buzzed at all. I harvested about 75% of it today because of bud rot and weather forecast. What do you think? This bud should be fine to smoke right? I can’t sample it I have to take a drug test.


Not the best of pictures but it looks like a lot of clear and maybe some amber, can you get any better pictures


I will try tomorrow. Thanks for looking.


You know what you should be looking for?


Yes . cloudy and amber. I had to harvest early due to bud rot. I have one more plant I am going to keep going, if it doesnt make it at least I tried.


Todays harvest. Left sugar leaves on. I will trim when dry.


A lot of this budrot seems to be going around this year, I had it just a little, on my first grow, all I can say is I’ve cured mine with a decent dehumidifier and fan and I’ve never had it since


I put my main cola in a paper bag to dry and it was covered in white mold when I checked it. I have teenagers so I’m limited on where I can dry it. I have it hanging in my attic now. It is very dry up there but I will have to keep an eye on it.


@Tylan indeed
@daz49 woohoo on pics bro


Put a boveda pack in with it