Trichomes shots with my new microscope


Dude that thing looks nice can’t wait to see the pictures
I believe that was my present tho just sent to you by accident lmfao
Nice @daz49


@Countryboyjvd1971 I believe you could be right my brother, that’s why it’s good to have friends in the postal service lol you have a great birthday brother and I hope someone has got you one? Hey your so lucky your wife let’s you buy a resin press wasn’t it


Yeah hahaha I am but she has put me on credit hold for now hahahahaha @daz49
So no more spending for me lol
Yeah right


You have a great woman there, don’t lose that, I’m sure they’ll have a secret party planned or something like that


No we don’t really do birthdays anymore I like it that way


here are a few shots with my new camera and its from the super silver haze
Wed Oct 11 14-43-04
Wed Oct 11 14-47-34
Wed Oct 11 14-48-06
Wed Oct 11 14-49-01
Wed Oct 11 14-54-08
Wed Oct 11 14-58-12

i hope they turned out ok
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A happy wife is a happy life!


Looking good @daz49!


Thanks my friend, I just grabbed a leaf quick to try it out, it’s on a table so I can probably find something better to place the leaf in the future, but I think they turned out amazing


Very Very nice :+1:


Wed Oct 11 16-35-50
Wed Oct 11 16-37-29
Wed Oct 11 16-39-35
Wed Oct 11 16-38-17

these are a few bud shots,the more I look at these ,the more I think it’s better than bud porn

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@Countryboyjvd1971 this is the one my friend


Wow @daz49 , it’s a great microscope you have there, what’s the magnify potential of it and at what magnification you did your macro shots!?


Thanks @Niala , it has 1000xmagnification potential ,it doesn’t have any numbers on the magnification zoom but it’s not zooming in much if that helps, but I would recommend getting one


@daz49 that is exact same one I have.
Here’s some tips I guess.

It looks like your LED light is too bright. Dial it down a bit. It’s the in line dial on the cable.

If possible ditch laptop and install scopecam app on phone. It’s amazing.

For some shots at max zoom I had to shove the weed up inside the shield for better focus.

Also I forgot the dial equals zoom level. My waa stuck for awhile til I got a piece of sand out. Rotate all the way to one side for max zoom and all the way to the other for zoomed . Out. At max zoom I had to stuck a bud up inside the thing to get it to focus.


That is what I wanted to do but how do I do it on my phone? And the lead for the camera has a USB connection,it’s for those 2 reasons I put it on the laptop, @Countryboyjvd1971 was interested in it, as it’s his birthday today and he asked if it could go on a phone but I said no


Ahhh @daz49 I forgot but with mine I had to get a usb a to usb c adapter. So I plug in usb c to my phonr and it has female port for usb a.
It came w my s8 because not many things use usb c yet. If you have usb micro it’ll be easy to grab. Prob 5 bux on Amazon or so.

It’s so worth it to have live preview right there in your hand ad microscope in other. Feels real surgical.


These cams all use endoscope protocol for images so all data can be viewed live on phone and camera even controlled via phone with scopecam app.

Just gotta grab that usb a to usb ___ (whatever ur phone uses to charge)
Usb can be used both to charge and also to draw power to power a scope cam and control its data too.


Yeah but even if I could get over the lead issue, what about the actual programme that’s on the disc, ? How do I transfer it to my phone, cos ideally like you I want the camera in my hand and in with my plants to check right there what level they are at


The app called scopecam has all data you need. The cd that comes with it is the manufacturers own program for PCs/laptops and is junk.

Buy a usb a female receiver to usb whatever adapter.
Download scopecam app on phone.
Plug in microscope to adapter.
If in adapter to phone.

If you installed app youll get a screen that says usb or Wi-Fi. Click usb. Bam you have live view of cam and can now control snapshots via phone and it saves to gallery