Trichomes shots with my new microscope


Just got my new microscope yesterday, enjoying playing with it and wanted to share a few shots with you all

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Nice photos! @daz49


Thanks buddy, it’s a whole new world at 90x magnification


Totally freaking awesome :clap:t2:
Looks like something from outterspace :star:


Thanks my friend


Indeed it is, that tool is very useful @daz49 I likey likey


I love it, I got a 100xmagnification one but it’s hand held so I got one I could clip on my phone, but you can get them both for under £10


looks great @daz49!


Where did you buy them? Amazon? @daz49


No that was eBay my friend, do you want me to shoot you a picture


Thanks my friend, glad you like it


Pls do, thank you sir @daz49


Here is a picture of them both

I don’t know if this is going to be a problem, I am in no way selling or advertising these, just trying to point a friend in the direction of a bargain, and amazing for us growers, I can delete if necessary


I’ll have to pick one of these up. Pretty handy to have and probably easier than shaking around with my handheld scope trying to determine if my girls are ready to chop down.


Indeed, I have a few of the hand held ones at 60x magnification but when I got the 100xmagnification I was hooked, so I posted pictures of it and someone said can it go on your camera, so I thought that’s a bloody good idea so I looked and found the one I’ve got


Here are some more for you all, I hope you enjoy them as much as me

I am so hooked with this microscope , so much easier to see if your girls are ready, if I could I would just give you all one but they ain’t mine, the best I can do is show off the pictures and tell you all where to get one for yourselves,I can see most of mine are clear, some creamy white and just the odd amber one, so still a while yet

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Thx @daz49… I hope that wasn’t an issue w/ moderators…? I will check on Amazon to see if I can purchase there so it’s an ILGM sponsor… If I choose buy


They come from China, that’s why they are cheap, they take around 6 week’s to come through


Looking good I really need to grab one of those my eyes suck lol


Thanks my friend, getting some good shots now