Trichomes ready?

good morning
i have one of the jeweler’s glass but i am still never sure on this
to me it looks like the trichomes are starting to turn cloudy
i have been told it is best to harvest when about 1/2 cloudy
i have attached two pics , let me know what you think

thanks and have a great weekend

Trichomes in the second photo look cloudy as well as some browning. I say go for it.

WELCOME! you will get alot of good help here.

She looks very young still. And your trich pic needs to be of the bud not leaves. I still see a bunch of white pistols. I’m new too though. Lol


Harvest time depends on what type of high you want, that being said I can’t really see your loop seems weak how many X magnification is it?
Can you give us a better shot?
Might want a more powerful loop or a USB microscope.

Looks somewhat cloudy and pistils are mostly brown, this is a good sign.


I have taken some better pics , hope this helps with what the trichomes look like


What type of high do you want? Look at the chart above.
Much better pictures but your going to want something stronger to make it easier for you and us in the future. This is from a USB microscope

This is from my microscope20191029_203312721 20191029_203409569 20191029_203410758

i make my own oil so i want to have an energetic high so i can take the oil during the day while i am working

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I would harvest now then, from the picture you posted a bit ago.

where did you purchase your USB microscope? i was looking at amazon and there are so many

To be honest I was in a rush so I got mine at the local hydro store it was 75$ haha… 15$ online or something.
Don’t sweat it they are all the same Chinese brand in a different package… Get one with decent reviews at a decent price.

ok thanks

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What microscope would you recommend

What kind of microscope do you have?

I got this one, it works well.

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They are all the same, any cheap USB one from Amazon