Trichomes ready on these Jack Herer Autos?

Hey folks haven’t been to the forum in a while. Hope everyone is well. Here I am at my third grow so I should know by now if these trichomes are ready. I do tend to jump the gun. These are 2 ILGM Jack Herer autos and they are both beauties! They’re labeled 1 and 2. Of these, 1 was much leaner with much bigger buds. And 2 was bushier with more buds just not as collosal as those on 1. Grew in FF Happy Frog under MarsHydro TS 1000 in a 32x32x63 tent. Lights 18/6. Only nutes during flower, MaxiBloom. Planted 11/27 and I guess they went into flower 3 or 4 weeks in. What say you my cannabis loving friends? I’m not looking for amber here. I’m seeing mostly cloudy to my eye. Also on 2 pistals still look a lot white. On 1 they’re mostly curled in. There are a few pics with leaves just to show the gorgeous sugar on them. Thanks in advance.

I still see a lot of clear trichs. You may have to wait more depending on what you want out of your smoke.

@MidwestGuy the pics are from different areas of the plants. Here’s one I just took of a bud from the top, which of course matures first, n they look nice n milky to me

Plant 2 is definitely not ready yet. Planted at the same time but totally different in growth processes. Plant 1 is so heavy with thick buds the stalks are drooping. The last pic was trichomes from a top bud on plant 1…nice n milky.

I usually take down the top flowers about a week before the rest of the plant (staged harvest.) It helps those flowers that haven’t been at the top where the canopy gets the best light. You can tell the difference in trich maturity between the upper flowers and those lower on the plant.

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Yes sir I’m aware of that. As I say, I tend to jump the gun. I’m going to watch #1 the next few days and put her into dark. #2 definitely needs a good week still I think.

5 to 7 days imo your real close check daily… they can switch quick at this point

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Well I harvested these both February 8 and ended up with 4.5 ozs between the two plants. I’m very much own with that. This is my third grow. First was Sour Diesel, second was Girl Scout Cookies extreme, third was Jack Herrer. All ILGM autos. Favorite was Sour Diesel. GSCE was not a great yield but user error. Jack Herrer is good but not as good as the Sour Diesel. Now I’ve got two :gorilla: glues going. I turned my sister onto growing her own and she harvested her first grow when I harvested my Jack’s. Keeping it in the sisterhood :+1::leaves::seedling::green_heart::recycle:.