Trichomes quick question: on watering during flowering

I saw this on the grow guide " Interestingly, a study published by the American Society for Horticultural Science showed that the application of drought could increase the number of cannabinoids in cannabis during their flowering period.

That’s why inducing hydric stress is our answer to the question of how to increase trichome production before harvest. Although it did not specifically indicate anything about increased trichome production, it’s still a technique that can boost THC levels up to 50%. It’s safe to assume that there will also be some extra trichome growth."

What is hydric stress? Do you not water for a period of time before harvest? When? So does the following seem ok? in last 2 weeks before chop, first dehydrate for a day or so, then flush with no fertilizer, then turn off lights for 2 days, then chop?

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It is where the plant transpires more than it uptakes. Definitely not something you want to do throughout the flowering period or your yields will suffer. These stress techniques close to harvest don’t really make any sense to me. Any new trichomes it produces would just be clear, immature triches. They don’t just pop up fully mature.


@BobbyDigital thanks, yeah not sure how to actually get that to work

I can’t advise people who mix their feed in their water. I use dry amendments.

I believe in the flood and drought method. I water my plants every other day or so (about 1&1/2 cups per gallon of medium) and give them a good soak (slow water until runoff) every week or so.

Also (to increase potency), I strategically damage the plant up until flowering. Once the plant is in flower, I don’t do anything other than feed and water. Makes no sense to create trichomes that never get a chance to mature.

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The best trichome boost I’ve gotten was from UV light. The plant produces trichomes in an attempt to protect itself from the UV. I run all throughout flower so all the triches it produces has plenty of time to mature.


@oldmarine thanks I am a believer in LST and HST, yeah I have no clue how long it takes for a trichome to develop/mature

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@BobbyDigital thanks, I supplement my light with these, idk if effective yet…T5 UV-A Plus Flowering Bulbs – AgroMax

I run one very similar

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"Buds ripen faster if you simulate the fall because the plant “thinks” winter is coming

Some growers believe lower temperature and reduced light levels can make plants ripen faster by simulating the fall. Another method some growers use to increase trichomes and possibly speed up maturation is to lower the humidity below 40% RH, which may also help imitate cold, dry winter weather."

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@oldmarine many thanks, I’m changing things each grow… I think my next is gonna be best yet

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heres a pic of my crop

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Nice looking ladies. Almost ready 2 chop depending on the high you looking 4


@SilvaBack203 thanks, I use it in a tea, for sleep, and back issue. So, wait another few more days? I was thinking one week. Might turn off lights on Sat, then chop Mon. Not really sure. I just want the thc as strong as possible

Go for 50% amber in that case 2 weeks or more maybe

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@SilvaBack203 a million thanks … I’ll look again on Fri. Have a good one

You 2 stay safe