Trichomes pics White Widow,am I'm seeing Amber


In another post from a few days ago I posted about pistol colors took a few bud pics happen to be light Amber ones , being colorblind doesn’t help lol, my wife I formed me I needed to look around and I did see alot more dark than I thought …so I took the small lense out of a range finder and taped it to my cheap ass Android and here is what I got and exp growers give me your opinion I would appreciate it! My wife’s ready to give them a week and she wants to chop them down …oh shit right …got to be sure.


Make sure you are checking on the buds themselves, not the sugar leaves


Looks like pics of leaves. Not so important. As to the trichomes…first few pics show some of the heads gone…and a few brown. The rest look VERY FRESH AND CLEAR.

When the trichomes degrade, they turn cloudy, then brown, then the mushroom heads will fall off.


That’s true Hornhead, I’ll try , there hard to steady that’s for sure.


Here’s some bud shots.


I see alot of clear


Thanks everyone, gonna give her another I’m sure, wife can’t wait lol