Trichomes? or Mould? or Both?

SDA bag seed, but smells distinctly of skunk.
I’m thinking this is ready for harvest, but just noticed this after a couple cloudy days. Under a good glass the trichomes look mostly milky.

If there are buds with mould on them, do I just toss 'em?

Yes toss them, but I would spray the rest of the still existing plant with peroxide straight. 3% solution.

If this is indoor, increase air flow, and air exchange.

what he said
eliminate dampness = eliminate mold

Thanks for the quick response, but it doesn’t look good. That stuff is deep in the buds all up & down the branches.
It was an outdoor grow, on a balcony in a 120L (30 gallon?) tub. It’s windy up here, but it’s been hot & sunny until just the last few days.

Hopefully these pics are illustrative enough. Should I bother with the peroxide mix?

Those aren’t finished yet, I would cut out the moldy parts and attempt to save the rest of the flowers. I don’t know what your stash looks like, and am assuming this is your only plant.

If I had multiple plants, and could afford to lose it I would toss it.
We can tag some other folks just to see some other opinions?
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@Bow4Buck does this look like mold?

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Looks like White Powder Mildew. Manually remove what you can then do a bud wash, 10:1 ratio Distilled water to hydrogen peroxide. Swish the buds around in the solution for a couple minutes, dry with a fan direct on them for 1-2 hours then dry and cure as normal.


@Covertgrower and @AAA got you covered. That’s WPM.

They’re far from harvest. Wouldn’t be worth saving IMO. However some bud is better than no bud, as long as it’s smokeable.

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I would toss it. Who knows how much mold has penetrated the buds. I am funny that way after studying bacteria and mold in College.


I’m for the toss. Not worth the risk.

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Wpm does not need humidity to spread or grow. In fact high humidity (75%rh) will typically stall it. Of course with humidity that high you also run the risk of botrytis/ bud rot.

Wpm is also spread through contact, not so much wind, so be careful not to spread it elsewhere. It does need an entry point, so be careful cutting off buds.

My advice. The only product I’ve used that keeps it away without harming the plant is JMS organic stylet oil. It’s supposedly safe right up to harvest. I haven’t used it in late flowering though so I can’t attest to that.

Be sure to do an h2o2 bath at harvest


Yeah, this is powdery mildew, thanks for reminding me. I remember it now from my days working at a huge retail nursery – there was a strain of Currant we sold that had no resistance at all & was overrun every summer.
It’s not my only plant, but enough with the bag seeds. This is ridiculous. Two Purple Kush bag seeds and now this one, all with Powdery Mildew. I’m going strictly retail seeds from now on.

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Yea it could be your area someone around here has CONSTANT problems with powder mildew too , you may wanna consider switching to indoors

Yea it could be your area someone around here has CONSTANT problems with powder mildew too , you may wanna consider switching to indoors

Literally as you posted this, I was noticing just how many downtown balconies around me have plants on them, every different kind of plant that can grow up here.
I already have a Red Dragon growing indoors, but rather than cancel the outdoor grow, I’m sticking with reputable strains. There’s a Jamaican Dream that regularly brushed up against the SDA without catching a whiff of the Powdery Mildew, so I know that’s good. I also grew a Barney’s Farm Acapulco Gold to maturity on that balcony a couple years ago without a problem.

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