Trichomes/opinions please


Hello ILGM fellow members have a couple close ups. Need advice on trichs. I think I’m getting some Amber would like to get some opinions from members of the site. thanx in advance.

Sidenote: still have a lot of white pistils.


Your leaves look sugary but i can see you have lots of white pistols keep them going until you see 70% of the pistols turning red they start watching tricombes fir color change
Your call on how amber i luke around 20% myself
Happy growing @BigBudMan
Maybe a over all shot of the plants alao :+1:


I’m with @Countryboyjvd1971. One thing, when you put up a photo: just post one and we can super zoom :blush:.


@BigBudMan on what date did flowering begin?


They do look a little young yet…how long have they been flowering? I had a white widow auto that took about 10 and a half weeks to get amber…but I cut one down at 9 with hardly a single amber tri and it was great…depends what you’re looking for…