Trichomes not turning amber


My blue berry bliss auto flower has been producing trichomes since october and where mostly cloudy at that point and it’s now February and the plant seems to be dying off and the plant never has produced any amber trichomes, … does some plants just not, now I did get impatient and chop of the colas just to try it out and I gave some away and the people that has already tried it says it’s awesome and has a lot of pain reliving affects, so I’m not sure if that’s a trait of a finished plant or that pheno, any help is greatly appreciated. …thanks ahead of time.


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I’ve heard that sometimes they don’t go amber. I don’t know why but some experts will chime in soon. @Nicky May be able to help. I think she grows autos. My last grow took 7 months to get amber. But I grow photos. :v::call_me_hand:

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Pictures would really help…

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I’m a He but thanks for the tag lol.

@Myfriendis410 is right pictures help, and it’s a bit late now…

People will say the darnedest things when you give them free drugs… Just saying lol.

I grow autos and while all pistils don’t always turn color tricombs change color as the thc degrades into cbn and other cabanoids. While this is happening the heads of the tricombs swell and they become like mushroom caps, eventually they will break off and that’s when a plant has gone to far and is dieing.

Early on they are not all swollen

Later they are ripe

And then they snap off and all is lost soon


@Nicky I’m sorry Brother!! Sometimes I guess I shouldn’t assume things. Have a great night Brother! :v::call_me_hand:


All good @Dman1969 not all of us all have “man” in our name lol


What? The name Nicky is all man…

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Not the best pic, but they have been like this for over a 2 months, I mean maybe like 1 or 2 percent amber if that and I’m not sure if I’m seeing the coloring of the leaf or the trick me it self, but I’ve never seen it due this before, and is there anything I can out in my dwc, to help ripen her out? And this is by far the biggest auto I’ve ever grown

Can you post a pic of the whole plant?

More importantly a pic of zoomed in tricombs, you need it much more zoomed in

I’ll have to get 1 zoomed all the way in, these are just 1s I had from a few days ago, I belive I’m just going to flush, and run with it, I was hoping to find something that helped it ripen on out but the plant is dying off, and not sure exactly why it’s not ambering

2 or 3 days of darkness will ripen

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