Trichomes NOT Maturing


I agree, and also was leaning toward Sulfur def., but I fed them Epsom salt for 2 weeks along with their normal GH Maxi at 1/2’ish strength and they showed no changes,
this did not surprise me tho, the GH has lots of Sulfur and plenty of Mg in it already, lots of Ca also,

the only thing i can find that the GH is lacking is Zinc and Boron,
this kinda concerned me because…
Sulfur influences many oils in plants (flavors and aromas) (maybe THC’s???)
Sulfur also contributes to chlorophyll and energy production,
Zinc and Boron help transform carbs and sugars (needed for energy production, cough cough)
so my current hopes, prayers, and homicidal tendencies towards the non-cooperating female plants i have, LOL, lie on the addition of Zn/Br using the Alasksa Micro…???

thank you very much for the info, i hate to ask but…
is there anything else I can try to get these girls to mature into what they should be.?

hate to spam a post, but if u post too many times when u r new the site blocks u,
even the straggly stuff at the bottoms is covered in clear, unmature trich’s



Got me, those are awfully frosty. Lots of white pistils still on them suggests they were harvested early too. I had a tangerine dream that never got more than cloudy and still had some clear on it at like 16 weeks. I said piss on it and chopped her because I was tired of looking at it. Smoke was great too. But it never died or showed any indication that it was about to die. May have been because I continued to water and feed as scheduled until about a week before I decided to cut.


both strains so far have a buzz that reflects the trich’s,
not much buzz and short lived like immature smoke,
but this is not a matter of patience, i m old, a month of waiting ain’t chit to me.!! LOL
i know what to look for and these plants r doing everything except trichome maturing.
growing has always been easy for me, plants tell u what they want/need and like/dislike,
this is truly a mystery problem.!!

at time of harvest they r physically ready and trich’s have been full and trying to change for weeks,
i have plants in every stage of growth/harvest, name a stage that u want a pic and i can come with in 2 weeks of that time.!!

i do continue feeding until harvest,
also have tried ‘flushing’ them, but no good has came from flushing,
thought maybe low N would force them to mature, didn’t happen.

thank u all for the help.!!!
any thoughts/theories is a step closer to mature buds.!!


I agree with you on flushing for sure.


it is a lot of plants,lol, when full it is 20 plants in one gallon containers of coco/perlite in 5.5 sq ft.
the veg room is identical in size and houses moms, clippings, clone’lings, and seedlings.
my mommas r micro moms, they have never been over 22" tall in 8 months.!
2x 16-18" tall mommas in the back in 2 gallon nursery pots…

idk for sure, but the box is vented with an old 6" Huricane 630 cfm inline,
the box is inside a garage that is not ventilated, but we go thru the garage to get to the driveway,
I also crack a window when weather permits
they seem to grow too good to be Co2 deprived…???..

Can-66 filter

6" HO 630 cfm fan

remote drivers


Trichs not maturing ? I’ve noticed that my trichs will turn faster under 35k-65k light spread faster than under a 2200watt full spec led. My Plants subjected to both light sources will mature or the trich color changes much faster. Half this plant is turning (by 10days now) the other half hasn’t got one trich color change yet. Go figure smh. Green grass and high tides