Trichomes how do they look?

8 week old auto

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You got a couple weeks to go still

Nice plant I would give it more time to add weight . Not Unusual to run an auto up to 16 weeks or more.

Can I keep asking? this is my first grow and I don’t want to screw it up. PATIENCE

From seed :+1: 5 weeks since first pistils

Absolutely! We want you to succeed

U have a few weeks left 4 maybe

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I’ll say 3 more weeks to go.

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Could someone answer a question for me about trichomes? Am I supposed to look at the ones on the sugar leaves or not?

Nope just the buds the leaves will fill up first

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Also do mine look ready for flushing?

How do you get a good look so you cut away some sugar leaves?

Still alot of clear I’d say 1 to 2 weeks left

How about today
@HornHead @Killadruid

Can you take a pic a a whole bud but a little father away

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Sorry it took so long


Have you started your flush yet?

@HornHead no I haven’t

Soil? Start just using plain water. You need a microscope of some sort to look at tricomes. I like to harvest at first sign of amber. More amber more lazy stone