Trichomes help! lol

I got a Durban Pioson. First time grower. Im not trying to be to impatient i just don’t want to mess up lol. Can anybody look at the pics below and tell me if I’m ready or should I wait a week or so more also should I start flushing or should I just wait a lil bit not sure THANK YOU for any help.

WIN_20201209_12_17_42_Pro WIN_20201209_12_12_35_Pro WIN_20201209_12_03_27_Pro WIN_20201209_12_07_27_Pro


My opinion (not professional in any way) is it looks ready for harvest. Majority of your trichomes look milky white. However, since this is Durban Poison I would elect to going a bit longer getting a little amber coloration in those trichomes. Makes for a more intense head banger, but it’s all a matter of preference. Good going!


Thank you so much I appreciate the advice and help

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Once all trichomes are cloudy the THC is mature. Any amber denotes degraded trichomes. If you want couchlock then keep her going. If you want more head high then it’s time to harvest.


Thank you I appreciate it …

Nice job :clap:

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I think it’s time to chop her down!!! I would flush first but I don’t grow in soil so I can’t help you much there. Nice job!

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