Trichomes... equipment use


I know looking at the trichomes is the way to tell when it’s ready for harvest…what is a cheap easy tool/equipment you guys use to zoom in?

Just a phone camera?


I use a jewelers loop 30-90 times zoom


Sweet! Anything digitally?


Not that I know of


I think you mean something like this…

Jiusion 40 to 1000x Magnification Endoscope, 2MP 8 LED USB 2.0 Digital Microscope, Mini Camera with OTG Adapter and Metal Stand, Compatible with Mac Window 7 8 10 Android Linux

Or even this…

Edoking 60X Zoom Clip-On Type Cellphone Microscope Magnifier with LED/UV Lights for Universal SmartPhones iPhone Samsung HTC Blackberry Nokia Sony and Tablets (silver)


I use the top link one. Just be warned, if you have an newer Andriod, it won’t work with it unless you buy an adapter. Works great with my lap top though.

The latest pictures can be found here My grow journal


I agree… I purchased the other one and it’s fairly decent but now I want the better one :sunglasses:

Disclaimer: not my product; traded fresh/curing for cured :grin:


@dmykins I use this one.


@rodri59 when you say adapter, do you mean a USB-C to regular USB adapter?


I currently own (and used in my last grow) a zOrb digital microscope. I have spent a LOT of time in couchlock thinking about this particular subject.

The problem with most of the small digital microscopes is they aren’t stable - you are trying to hold your hand steady (and not bump the plant so it isn’t also bouncing around) to take a super close up picture - it’s almost impossible. Some people cut a tiny tiny sugar leaf piece and put it on a firm surface so they can get a good “still” shot. Others have mounted their digital microscope to a tripod (@bob31 for example) and seem to get really nice images without having to resort to cutting their living, growing plant.

I’m likely to buy a new microscope when my new grow is at the point that it matters, and looking for something with a base that I can mount either to a tripod with a tablet mount, or something like what Bob did with a camera mount. In fact, I’ll probably look at getting Bob’s exact set up. :slight_smile:

How I resolved the shakiness part in the interim is I taped my zOrb to a pipe wrench, and then I rest the pipe wrench on a 5-gallon bucket or two (stacked) with whatever else is lying around to get to a height I like, then move it and set it and snap a pic with the laptop keyboard (not with the button on the microscope - that will make it move around too much). Doing that I was able to get pics like this:

But it’s still a PITA, so I’m looking for an easier method for the future.


This is what i have used for last 5 years.


@Fepony @Bogleg

I ordered a microscope and it should come today, when I look at the trichomes, can I just look at the ones on the leaves or do I need to look at the ones on the buds?


IF I were to get a clip on magnifier for my iPhone for next year, would I need to remove the case to use the clip on?


@dmykins I just look at the small leaves on the main cola. Just snip off a small piece and take a look.



Perfect, that seems easier than trying to look at the buds themselves. I am sure I am no where near ready, I just want to know when the time comes.


@dmykins when you look, use highest magnification. You will see what looks like little mushrooms. You want the “stem” to be opaque and the “head” to have some color to it. They are amazing to look at. You can look now just to get excited. :heart_eyes:



That’s the plan.:grinning: