Trichomes development

About how long does it take for trichomes to switch from.clear to.cloudy? Tuesday will be week 8 in flowering and most of my trichomes are still clear. I have read that some.strains take longer then 8 weeks and some.strains trichomes never change.


I think you will see it provided you have adequate magnification to see what is happening. Don’t be afraid to clip a small sample to allow for better examination. I hated to do it the first time but it was well worth it.


Thanks, I trimmed a.few.sugar leaves last night and took a look. 100x magnification

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And what did you see?

My first grow I had two plants mature and I harvested the first one too early, by looking at the overall appearance. The second one I used a magnifier and oh what a difference! It took an additional 2 weeks as well.

Look like this


Looks delicious

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Looks pretty good to me.

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This still looks early to me. Way more white hairs than red so you still have a bit to go, When they start turning you may not be able to find them under the scope then all the sudden you get


as always appreciate the feed back yall

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