Trichomes cloudy for weeks without turning amber. What gives?

This is my first grow (not including a few I might have done 30 years ago back when it was – I’m told – illegal). I’m in northern California and we’ve had a warm and kinda-sorta non-droughtish spring. Which is good.

I’m growing outdoors and my question has to do with my autoflower Jack Herer X AK47 X ruderalis. It’s a beauty of a plant:

11 weeks from germination, but has been at full cloudy trichomes without a hint of amber for more than 10 days now. The few remaining leaves are getting pretty dodgy, and it doesn’t seem as if the buds are swelling much (maybe they are). I can’t tell whether it’s adding new trichomes or the existing trichomes are swelling (even comparing micrographs hasn’t provided a conclusive answer).


Like this it will be a do things kinda stone my fav but if like couch lock wait longer but sounds like you know that
ether way you have done a fine job :thumbsup:

Maybe cover the plant to block light for a 24h+ night stint.
I would dry the plant out to shock it and force it too finish.

I am more interested in being up and doing things than examining the wear on my couch’s pillows, so I definitely want to avoid having the THC degrade. Observation-wise, I was hoping for just a small but noticeable number of amber heads to tell me that I’m not shortchanging myself on maximum THC production and the generation of new trichomes.

As for fiddling with the photoperiod, I haven’t mucked with this plant too much: it’s been outdoors since germination and has clearly appreciated The Natural Life.

I’ll let it get real dry this watering cycle to see if that leads to amber trikes. If not, I’ll just harvest, since I have two of the same variety — just a few weeks behind — that I can also experiment on.

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