Trichomes; clear, cloudy, done! (*ding*)

Who here uses FF Trio?

Is sledgehammer needed? What week(s)?

I have some concerns about nutrition.

I have 450ppm on tap, with 7.5 ph. It is very hard water. I’m concerned about lockout in weeks 5-6 of flower. It’s jugged and kept away for 24hrs to remove the chlorine…do I need a cal/mg supplement? What else could you recommend?

I don’t really have the RO system setup quite yet. Anyone have a simple ONE filter system out there

Thanks and happy growing!

I follow the chart @AmnesiaHaze

foxfarm feeding scheules

You can always give plain pH water the last week as well… imo


I used to use them @AmnesiaHaze
But have move on to other nutrients
I still jave a bunch and one of the reasons I stopped using it was because of how many flushes mfg recommends
In my experience you need to follow the flush schedules as well
And using the sledgehammer is a plus it help break up the salt and minerals deposits
Other wise it 5x your pot size with ph water
I run a gallon a of sledgehammer mix threw pot let stand fir 30 minuets then flush with 2 gallons of ph water to flush