Trichomes changing

I’m growing a few Amnesia Haze Autos outside and the trichs just started going from clear to cloudy. How long to go from cloudy to the start of amber when I’ll be harvesting them? I’m thinking I have 2-3 weeks left, but I have no idea as this is my 1st grow.

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Plants seem to do what they want to do. Last year I left one growing until mid November waiting for color change from cloudy to amber. Never made it past about 1% or so of change. If they are outside just keep watching you have a lot of time to wait.


I’m on week 12 with aoutoflower Gorilla Glue and no amber trichromes yet.
Fan leaves have all yellowed and fallen off, pistils are brown. Should I keep waiting on the trichromes?
everythiong else says harvest now.

Not sure do not grow autos. I believe they able to be harvested in 10 weeks. As you are at 12 does not seem to long in to it. Are your trichomes cloudy or clear ? Is it possible to wait to long? Do not think so, it may change the type of high. @covertgrower

This is worth a watch and will provide a lot of insight.

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They are 90% cloudy but all my research says wait until about 20% are amber.

I am on week 14 from sprout of GGAF and still have about two weeks on three of the four ladies.

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Sounds about what I have read also. You could always clip a few now and some later. The upper most colas should mature soonest. It will give you a comparison on when to harvest for your liking.