Trichomes are not turning amber

Hi. My plant is an auto flower at day 67. Seed company stated that it should be finished by day 63 but i decided to give it another week as pistils weren’t turning amber. I checked it with a loupe today and some of the trichomes are still clear most are milky and you can maybe see a couple that turned amber. I dont know if I should wait any longer or harvest. This is a photo of my plant


The timelines given by seed companies arent set in stone. They are what it was like for the breeder, with professional gear and a commercial setting.
It can take much longer sometimes.

Then Id wait. Also be sure your looking at the bud itself, trichomes on sugar leaves mature much faster and have no bearing on the done-ness of your plant. She will mature from the top down so also be sure to look about 1/3 of the way down the plant as well as 1/3 down the bud your examining.

Got any trichome pics? Your plant looks close but cant say without seeing.

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Id give them another week , its rare but some strains just dont get ambered trichs, if their 100%ish milky then thats good enough


yeah. Hopefully they’re clear enough


At least another week. Looking good though.

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Dont believe what they say about the finishing time its a guide line autos will normally go for 10-13 weeks some alittle earlier