Trichomes are a girl's best friend

I just got my jewelers loupe today and can I just say trichomes are the most beautiful thing in the whole world to me. This girl needs no diamonds as a best friend. Only trichomes need apply :heart_eyes: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Based on reading the wealth of knowledge here, they’re still mostly all clear and so it’ll be a few weeks until harvest, right? Do y’all think my first grow could be harvested on 4/20? That would just be too perfect but I’d rather her be ready. Looking for an energetic but even keel kind of high.

Also I noticed the main stalk’s fan leaves have a touch of purplish burgundy on the inner leaves a day after feeding banana tea. It’s definitely not related to her K deficiency. That means good uptake in orchid world so I’m hoping it means the same in canna-land.

Also, I realize I wrote this exact thing in another post but that post was more related to the K deficiency she had. This is one is just to say these weird little alien flowers are mine blowing in all the ways. :alien: :evergreen_tree:


here you go
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend


Purple is a good color. Some of us wish for it. Sometimes happens if environment gets cooler.

You may hit 4/20, it’ll be close, but probably not quite done. You’ve got your loupe now, so you’ll know for sure. They look nice. The purple is typically caused by lower temps if that applies to you.