Trichomes and Potency Question

I’ve seen the photo posted around showing clear vs cloudy vs amber. I understand mostly amber is that couch lock feel. If I want to keep more of the sativa feel, I would chop when mostly cloudy and just starting to turn amber? Am I understanding this correctly? My Sour Diesel and Super Skunk are getting close. I need to buy a usb microscope. The one I have does not let me take pics. These are from my digital camera.
Sour Diesel Week 11

Super Skunk


Awesome grow!! The bud looks great. :+1:
But as for the question, can’t really see the trichs . I like to take mine when cloudy with very few amber. Had no complaints so far

Here is a pic @Nicky shows

Don’t know the strain but gives ya an idea of what to look for

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Beautiful buds, nice clear pictures.

What scope do u have. Some u can download an app to let it work. I have a Wal-Mart microscope and i use OTG app for my microscope to work woth my Phone

Plenty of time left. Way to many white pistils.


You got it.

As long as it is making new white pistils, it is bulking up getting heavier. Couple more weeks it looks like.

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Thanks for the responses! My laptop let’s me zoom in on those pics so I thought you’d be able to here as well. They were taken with a Nikon DSLR. This is my microscope. Functional but doesn’t allow image capture. I think I’m going to get a different one that I can plug into my phone.

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The USB or Bluetooth microscopes. On Amazon are virtually all the same but the best option I have found.
Those pocket microscopes like the one you have right now are not ideal unfortunately.

Being able to share the picture on the forums helps by letting more experienced members guide you in training your eye what to look for.
Ita very easy to say, mostly cloudy some Amber or something similar but to actually know what that looks like takes time

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You got that right!
Clear but blurry can be mistaken for cloudy and there is a wide range of what you would call amber.
Is the trichome really amber or is it a reflection from a nearby pistil?
Is golden amber enough or do you want deep auburn colored?
Trial and error has never been this much fun. :clown_face: :man_farmer:t2: :skunk: