Trichome watch clear to amber?

In the last 8 days of my flush keeping a daily attention to the trichrome development as I begin to see most trichromes become milky and a small amount start to develop amber pigment in there tips there is still some trichromes with clear stems and somewhere milky glands. I assume trichromes have to become milky before amber it seems on the same buds with equal light exposure some trichromes are developing much quicker then others. Does the whole trichrome need to be milky or is a hazy bulb still sign of maturity? And also has anyone had experience with this should I still stick to my schedule for harvest or wait until all clear trichromes are milky? I’m at all ready almost at 10percent amber trichs any help appreciated.
If I stick to schedule starting ripe bud method harvest in 8 days I should have majority milky trichs with almost up to 25 percent amber and no more white pistils which is idea… except those few patches of clear stemmed trichromes


I seem to be having a similar problem.My lower parts of the plants seem to have reached there full potential and appear to be ready for harvest. What I do not understand is why my top cola’s have started , which seems like the flowering stage again. The pistils on the cola’s are dark red almost brown. New flower has formed off the cola with white straight pistils and still going! Plus now the tops have single blade leafs. As a indoor beginner. Not sure if it is time to harvest or is it to soon.

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This is called foxtailing, and fairly normal. Just depends on genetics. You can ignore the foxtails if you’re in the color trichome window of harvest. Or you can let it keep going, and add a little weight. @BIGHOSS welcome to the community.