Trichome production - LED light G8led- solarsystem 550 with UV lights - black dog led

LED light G8led 600w - solarsystem 550 with UV lights - black dog led PHYTOMAX-2 400 LED
4x4 tent

Which will give the most trichome production producing a high medical plant. Any other light setups that is better around $1,000 or less. Thanks.


For that much money, I’d probably just check out the HLG 600W QB 288 V2 rspec. You could also look at two of the HLG 260W XL QB 288 rspec kits for better spread. The lights you are looking at don’t seem to have bad specs. The G8LED 600 watt draws about 380 actual watts, and the BD Phyto model, about 420 actual watts. I like how BD Phytomax lights have a lot of information posted about their lighting capabilities. Phyto lights do require the grow area to be maintained at 85°F, because they heat the canopy far less than a normal LED or HPS would. Still, I’d recommend a kit from HLG. Putting it together was like using Legos.

edit: Those Solar System lights are supposed to be pretty good. Just expensive.

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@dbrn32 is probably the person you want to discuss this with. He may have better options for your budget.


Black dog and g8 aren’t as good of fixtures as the clw. And the clw isn’t the best led fixture for the money either. If you’re worried about uv on a budget, look into a 630 cmh. Pretty good fixture for a 4x4.


Check out timber grow lights

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You can build a killer UV light pretty reasonably …


I’ve got the Phytomax 2 400 in a 2x2 tent and growth is phenominal.

Cutter has sone uvb leds available, I seen them last week.

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I keep forgetting about them :rofl:

I need to pop over there soon and check out what’s new… Have you been on Digi lately? WTF is up with the prices? Tariffs??

See ya around buddy :+1:t2:

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I was looking at eb strips for someone, 560mm for $4.80 didn’t seem bad. But I don’t think advertised price includes tariffs

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