Trichome pictures

IPC_2021-01- IPC_2021-01- IPC_2021-01- IPC_2021-01- Some new pics…looking good!


I’m gonna guess your camera has 6 led lights in its flash…right? Oh wait I’m seeing 8 8 it is


Sweet how much was that

I use the same one, think it was about 30-35us on Amazon and works wells.

Nice pics man, steady hand!


good focus and patience. Beautiful shots!!

It was 20$ at Amazon. Comes with a portable stand.


I use the same one. It’s become nice and sticky on the end. Damn near had the lens cap glue on the end.


Use the same one; a GREAT tool. Last two weeks before harvest I take four pictures a day - closeups of the main cola (2) and one each of at least two secondary buds.

BTW, what magnification were you using on that last closeup?


1000x…got to push the bud right into the end of the scope

I have the same one and yes works great!! Wireless as well so no wires in the way!

Mine is not wireless…I will have to look into it

Bout the same price on Amazon. No wire but you have to deal with juggling the phone in one hand and microscope and the other LOL! Hard to get steady shots in the tent at times

Try standing on one leg I hear that helps lol jk thanks guys

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Had the exact same problem…sticky… when the nose piece came off with a cap I knew it was time to clean it… :laughing: I finally had to break down and clean it with some rubbing alcohol

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A question:

From this morning’s pictures - do you think this bubbilicious is close to harvest?

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Looks awesome!

Gelato auto week 6 of flower

Here’s one of the small nugs that I harvested since some were very ready to go it’s been drying for one day in this pic :grin:

Looks great!!

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