Trichome magnifier

Is there any free or cheap android magnifier apps good for checking trichome development

I don’t know of any apps or anything. My S21 does pretty good zooming in but to get a really good macro shot most use a electronic microscope that attaches to the phone or even the clip on lens set they sell.
For less than $50 you should be able to find a decent device.
Good thing is - it’s a one time investment. Not like nutes or something you need to buy all the time. Just save up your pennies! LOL1
Or use CC miles - that’s what I did. LOL!

Not really. Amazon has USB microscopes for like $17.


Cozy magnifier and microscope is the best one I’ve seen it’s not quite strong enough to get a good look at the trichomes but you can see them enough to get a good idea of where you are

I’ve tried the Loupe app and it’s not good enough. I’d buy one on Amazon’Thi

s is what I have and I love it

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I have a similar one to this mine has a 7 inch screen. Works awesome only downfall is getting pics from the microscope to my phone requires way too much lol. But takes a beautiful pic and up close and personal can really see a tricomb up close as can be with these lol.

Hi i just found a app its called magnifier & microscope here is a pic i just took

I dont have a steady hand thou

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No app here just a cheap add on from Amazon.