Trichome help please

Looked it up. :grinning: It only pulls 380watts. I’d recommend another 130watts or so for blurples.

The 600 pulls 125, so just add that back in.


Can you have too much light? I have an extra 600W not doing anything.

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See above. I edited.

Sounds like a plan, thanks.

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Do you have a journal for your grow, here?

I’ve kept notes on my laptop from seed to present.

Ah. Was just going to ask you to link your grow journal to this thread so we can follow along.

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Damn I didn’t know I could do that. Where do I find that here???

This is something a lot of us do and it’s a great venue for having others help with issues or discuss what you think is important.


Start a new thread & post it under the green category Grow Journals.

Or, maybe you can still recategorize this?

Yeah; you can change the room it’s in and the name too if you like.


Ok will do that with my next grow. I ordered the auto mixed pack (3) and should have them next week. I’m a 100% disabled Veteran so I hope I can find the right strain for me. Right now I have the BB and 3 Cheese auto which are 120 days old and has flowers but no trics yet.

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I think @blackthumbbetty nailed it, dli too low.


Proper dry & Give it a good cure and it should smoke fine.

Onto the next one, and we will help you.
Yeah DFI

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At what humidity level do you recommend for curing? With the heat turned on in the house the RH has dropped a bunch. This site is just awesome. I get my seeds here of course and plenty of support. Thanks again.

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50% RH

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For those of you who allow your plants 24-48 hours of darkness before harvest/curing, what do you do when the tops are ready but the bottom buds could go longer?

Some harvest just the tops.
Personally I let the tops ripen to a good 30%Amber and then harvest it all.
A reason why SCOG is such a common method is due to the even canopy and thus things maturing alot closer together.
To much work for me though :man_shrugging: