Trichome help please

Need your advise. The trichomes started 6 days ago. This is the top bud of my Blueberry auto. To me most appear to be cloudy and showing mushroom heads. No signs of amber. Is it time to harvest?

• What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: Blueberry auto-flower
• Method: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil
• Vessels: 5 gallon cloth pots
• PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable): PH 6.6
• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable:
• Indoor growing
• Light system: King 2KWatt
• Temps: Day, Night 70/65
• Humidity: Day, Night 40/36%
• Ventilation system: Yes, 4” 190 CFM fan
• AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:
• Co2: No
• Current grow stage: 3 months/2 weeks
• Hours of light/dark: 10/14


Hard to tell with the pink red light on on background


Ok I’ll shut both lights off and repost, THX.

I shut both lights off and took pics again. To me I think they look the same with the lights on. Tell me what you think


In the top pic, are those amber mushroom caps on the right edge of the leaf?

Also remember to take pictures of the bud themselves not the sugar leaves

I see mostly cloudy try combs and the second picture Net might be a few Amber ones in the first picture and depending on how you want your high, I hear that you should wait until 25% or Amber and as few clear as possible any of you guys out there feel free to correct me if I’m wrong I just gather the information I read and try and put it together and make my own growth situation

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Yeah my 1st grow and want it to turn out the best of course. I’ve read books and searched YouTube many times. Today I read for the best medical use is to allow 10-20% amber. I’ll continue to check the trichomes daily. I also have 2 other plants that appears to be just a little behind of this one. Thanks for the reply.

Well only the 8th day of Trichomes but in the last 24 hours there’s much more amber showing from the very top bud to the lowest bud. I think I’ll introduce this one to the curing tent. I have 2 others about a week behind to experiment with.

If you want medical I would wait a bit longer, a good way to speed this up is 48hr of darkness.
Your flushing right?

You want a good mix of cloudy and Amber like you said 20%.
The buds will mature at different speeds depending on the shape of the plant and what is closest to the light. So giving your top buds time to mature will allow your other buds to get closer to what you want in a total harvest.

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How about an overall shot of the plant in natural light along with a picture of a representative cola. This will tell us how far along you are.

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This was not easy. I’m 3 weeks post shoulder surgery and my right arm is in a immobilizer! I carried her outside as it’s in the 60’s here in Kansas City today. I hope these pics will do and thanks for helping me.
My dogs love chewing on the fam leaves. LOL

I can’t flush, I just had shoulder surgery 3 weeks ago and my right arm is in a immobilizer!!

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Yikes don’t agrivate your injury it’s sooooo important to let your body fully heal first pushing it will only make you regret it down the road! (I’m in healthcare can you tell?)

Looking pretty done to me but I would want to watch tricombs to ensure 20% Amber, you can flush with a garden hose!


The plant looks pretty mature but something is wrong. Flower looks dark and is fairly small which sounds like it’s stalled out and has for some time.

@MattyBear. @dbrn32 @peachfuzz @blackthumbbetty any thoughts?


Once the trichs have their say, nothing much more can be done to make her really change her bud structure too much, right? I don’t think waiting will stretch those nugs out or anything.

Wondering if next grow, you might need more light for your plants, to get those bigger nugs and a denser plant. Also, 10 hours of light is waaay too little light.
You can drop it to 11.5…maybe push it at 11, but less than that amount of light per day will definitely affect your plant’s ability to grow properly.

Pretty “Blueberries” you’ve got there, no matter. :grinning:


Good point; lowering the day cycle below 12/12 is suggested to help a plant to finish.


That’s what I read so I went 10/14 about a week ago. Perhaps I should go back to 12/12 with the other 2 plants I didn’t realize how dark the buds had become until I took it outside. I started with a 3x3 tent with 600W. Then moved to a 4x2x6 and someone on here suggested I triple the amount of light so I got a 2K W light. Plants seemed to respond really well to the new light.

So I guess I’ll cut this one tomorrow, if it doesn’t burn/smoke well I can try to make special brownies for the holiday! THX everyone for the help. Steve


Usually, we just give the plant complete darkness for 2 days before harvest. :grinning:

It’ll make great edibles, for sure. Probably smoke just fine.

How many watts does your light pull from the wall?


Thanks, I’ll move it out of the tent now a place it in a totally dark room. Not sure what you mean about “pull from the wall” but my new light is a 2K W King.