Trichome help & harvesting

I’m not sure if my trichomes are white, cloudy or or mixed I don’t want to harvest to late but I also don’t want to harvest to late (couchlock) I have fem WW 12/12 light schedule…about once a week I leave them in the dark.
Would love some pointer tips opinions please


I’d give them 2 more weeks.


I agree with @Hellraiser think they need a couple more weeks.


I see some clawing and very dark green leaves.

She looks good, but a few more weeks will make her fatter.

I’d stop feeding, Give only water and epsom salt (molasses if you have it) for 2 weeks, then re evaluate the situation.


Is that possibly potassium lockout/ deficiency? I don’t see amber trichomes but I’m not an expert… very new.


There could be some potassium lockout.

But, at this point I wouldnt bother trying to fix it. This plants is probably 2-3 week from harvest and looks to be a bit overfed (burnt tips, clawing leaves etc). A straight water diet (with some epsom salt and molasses) will help use up/flush the nutes and well as keep the plant happy.


Like @Drinkslinger said, good time to put her on a water only diet til harvest to clear out the excess nutes. You may be rewarded with some nice harvest colors, like this girl I’m chopping down in a few days.


That is beautiful! I hope to get there some day. It’s definitely a love affair.


I’m not looking for amber that type of high I don’t want .but their isn’t isn’t ambers on it for sure

No one has told you to wait for amber trichomes, we’re telling you when the plant will be at the height of thc content, cut it down now if you want.

These look like my plants. I have one that is showing yellowing leaves (not in the buds but getting close to them). The trichomes are still clear that I can see with a magnifying glass. About 60% of the pistils are getting to be orangy. The 2nd plant is much greener (very few yellow leaves) and the trichomes are definitely clear and the majority of the pistils are still white. I may have 1-2 weeks to harvest on the first plant and 3-4 more weeks for the 2nd plant. When I removed a bunch of tiny buds from the lower stalks, I dried them in a mason jar, shaking and burping them for a week. I tried them last night and they are very good. Can’t wait until the harvest to try the mature buds. I have Sleep Apnea (quit breathing up to 2 minutes) and am on a CPAP. When I don’t smoke about an hour or so before going to bed, my apneas are anywhere from 21 events (42 minutes not breathing)/7 hrs sleep to 35 events (70 minutes not breathing) /7hrs sleep. When I do smoke, they drop to 3-4 events (6-8 minutes not breathing)/7 hours sleep to 5.5 events(11 minutes not breathing)/7 hours sleep. Obviously, my sleeping pill is a small pipe of the “evil weed that turned the people into raving lunatics and rapists” back in the day.