Trichome heads not getting large


S2060001 My plant is growing outside and I gave her a 10 gallon flush a week ago thinking she would finish in about 2weeks from then but the trichome heads seamed to not be getting any larger. A large amount barely have a head. I don’t know if it is just the strain ( crystal ) I have a gold leaf plant 2-1/2 weeks younger with much larger trichs . Part of my question is if I should feed her again give her another week or so and flush again. I don’t have a camera to take closeups with.


She doesn’t look ready, let her go at least another week.


It looks almost exactly like mine are now, I’m in the 7th week (as of yesterday) and I’m probably 2 wks away.


Thanks she was coming along and sort of stalled out the last 2 weeks


Thats exactly what I thought last week but (gotta look close) a lot of subtle changes in the flower sites, denser buds, white hairs turning color, more goo (LOL) on the small leaves etc. In the last 2 weeks (so I’ve read) a lot of majic happens! Good luck with the finish!


Ours are about the same stag of flower in the 7 week range not sure there outside and started to flower on their own and I’m not sure when they really started to flower