Trichome evaluation help please

Snap_025 Snap_024

Seems to be somewhat cloudy with a touch of amber?

Snap_027 Snap_026

Also I have 6 plants that are close. Is there an etiquette for evaluation help? Should i make 6 posts?

just post them and number them so folks here can comment on each plant. lots of great eyes on here

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awesome will do.

Plant #2!

Snap_029|640x480 Snap_028

Plant #2Snap_028


Snap_031 Snap_030


Snap_033 Snap_032

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Snap_035 Snap_034


Snap_037 Snap_036

Let me know what yall think please. I can take more images if needed

That’s up to you, the grower. Here’s causality.

Plant 2 looks clear. 1 has some amber, 3 cloudy

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2 is only one looking clear. Would take more of 4 and 5. And 1. Get an average. They could be good to go based on your preference and if that isn’t just one area

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As a first timer, I feel less than qualified to make such an important judgement. I realize in the end its up to me but would love as much input as people wish to share. Thanks all!!!

Will post more of 4, 5 and 1 in the am. Really appreciate your help.

Should I cut more sample or just use the samples I have but get better pics?

Everyone’s gotta pull the trigger. I’m definitely not qualified to tell anyone when to harvest either. But I know once I start seeing just a little amber on some I’m harvesting. And keeping some in longer for heavy amber, 30%+

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Daytime and night time. In current, slh will be harvested with few amber, strawberry coughs imma let go a little longer into heavier cbn.

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