Trichome development- what do you think?

Just did some closeups of buds and want to know what you think of the trichome development. Getting close to harvest? This is the end of Week 5 of flowering.


What strain are you growing? The white pistils usually mean the flowers have more maturing to do.


It is Grandaddy Purple. Thanks for the response. I was under the impression I have several more weeks to go, but was not sure.

Probably another 3 weeks and she’ll be real close.


You definitely have some weeks to go keep feeding her she’ll get fat

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Jewelers loupe!!!

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They’re cheap on Amazon. Like 12$. You get one with a 30 and 60× zoom with lights. If it’s clear not ready, milky sativa high, amber indica high.


I have a digital microscope that I took thes pics with. In a couple of weeks I bust out my macro stuff and get nice crisp close ups.

If those pics are as close as it gets, you need to get something that zooms in more so you can see the trichomes better.

GDP is next up on my grow list after AK47 finish. ILGM Purple Mix should be arriving soon. Love to see a full plant picture in good light, How tall are they? Stretch? What training did you do? ILGM describes it as compact in it’s table summarizing its attributes. However, in its description it says up to 60". A little inconsistent and confusing wouldn’t you say. I appreciate the info - thanks
Look forward to the macros and some close ups with the scope.

It has a 20X zoom. I just need to get better at using it. Holding it still by hand zoomed in is difficult at best. I have some Macro lenses and extension tubes I can use. With a camera on a tripod it will be way easier to get a good clears shot.

Plants are about 3 1/2 feet tall. They are 7 gallon grow bags. I used low stress bending in veg, plus topping, and scrogging. I lollipopped them a bit too. They are in a DIY green house with led lighting.


All branches or just the main. It looks like the branches were topped too.
Thanks for the info.

Honestly, you need a 60× zoom to actually see the trichomes and their correct color. At a 20× zoom… hell, even with my 30×zoom, it’s hard to tell milky white from clearish white sometimes. I’m telling you, get one with a 60× zoom and you won’t be disappointed. Which also means you harvest at the right time, allowing for possibly more time for bugs to fatten up.

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I just checked the device again and it goes from 50x to 1000x. It is this one:

I’ll play around with it more and see if I can get it to magnify correctly.

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All branches were topped.

I use a Plugable USB scope. For the high magnification stuff, I have to put the lens so the shroud almost touches what I am trying to capture.

Then, turn the focus ring counter clockwise. It is totally out of focus for a bit and then

For on plant photos I use a tripod to stabilize the scope


Thank you that is very helpful.

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Do you run video and get screen shots or take pictures?

Single shots saved as a JPG file