Trichome color window

i have always harvested based on pistil color. but this year i got a jewelers loupe and i want to harvest based on trichome color. but im already a day or 2 later then i would normally have harvested and im just now seeing the first few amber trichomes. how small is the window from the time u see the first few amber ones till u have waited too long and see %75+ amber ones?

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Amber can turn very quickly, a few days to a week and you can have too much amber. When I see my first amber I start my harvesting process, like flushing and stem splitting.


As soon as I see amber on a sugar leaf I flush. When I see amber on the actual flower I split the stem and plan to harvest within 4-7 days.
I don’t like a lot of couch lock/narcotic, I like an energetic high.


I aim for the same thing. It’s important to remember that over time, THC will degrade and turn into CBN. Of course, proper drying and curing will slow this process. When I want a sleep inducing effect, I reach for some of the buds I’ve stored for up to 4 years (it still smokes/vapes great, but it’s obvious the THC is less than it once was). For a more uplifting effect I reach for more recently harvested and cured flowers.


Never grown up 30 %amber.
Something allways happen and i forced to pluckit.
Now i get Crystal and Gold leaf going and i tired 75and up % amber to get that stony effects.
Cant say exatly what strains need to be more amberly :yum: some one suggestions

I just harvested Gold leaf and I let it go until 25% amber. It is amazing pain reliever but puts me right to sleep. Mrs. @SilentHippie and I call it sleepy time weed.


my furthest along plant is a goldleaf. and im just seeing some amber today and i will prob be harvesting it tomorrow night :smiley:


That and White Widow for me.

Remember that once they’re cloudy the trichomes are mature. Amber indicates degraded trichomes. 20% amber is chosen to put you right at peak potency. This is what I always strive for and choose strains that provide uplifting head high like Sour Diesel and strains like Gold Leaf or WW for the sleep.

In other words, choose a particular strain for a specific effect and mature it to peak potency.


I usually shoot for 20% color. Although, the situation dictates as to when I harvest. Just the other day we had several inches of rain forecasted and I didn’t want to run the risk, so we harvested a week or so early.

what is meant by “split the stem”? before harvest…