Trichome color mystery

This is my third grow and I’m having a new curiosity. The strain is LA Confidential which is listed as a 6-8 week flowering time before ready to harvest. I’m at week 9 now and my trichomes are either amber or clear with little to no cloudy ones. In previous grows they progress through the cloudy phase before getting amber but this time it’s weird. All conditions are identical to previous grows- nutes, soil, light, air, etc. any ideas? Ps- I know pics help but in the meantime…? Oh also, I’m about 10% amber



Six to eight weeks flowering time it’s just an estimated time. They could run 12 weeks to finish up. I would just keep taking care of them an get to where you like. Good luck finishing up.

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growing outdoors leaves the plants at the mercy of the weather.
sellers posted flowering times ARE ESTIMATES…usually on the optimistic side to increase sales.
keep this in mind the longer a healthy plant grows the bigger the buds at harvest.

Enjoy your grow…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


Lol, well it worked on me to get me to buy them. Thanks for the advice.