Trichome check pretty please with 🧀

Cheese auto almost 11 weeks from germination and 8 weeks flowering.
My first grow I harvested to early and I don’t want to make that mistake again. I’m starting to see a little amber. I’m going for couch lock.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do :woman_shrugging:t2::joy::joy:


If you’re going for couch lock shoot for 40-50% amber like @KeystoneCops does. I forget what word he used last. But basically implied set to knock out.

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That’s it. I like that one.

I had to google to see what soporific meant. Definitely what I am looking for! I think it will help with my anxiety and help me fall asleep.

@Budz @KeystoneCops

Just so I can confirm that I am learning and understanding what I am seeing.

Technically I could harvest cheese now, right? To my untrained eyes, I think I see some clear, with a mix of cloudy, and just a kiss of amber?
If you harvested during this time window you would experience a more energetic high?

The more clear the more energetic. But it happens pretty fast once amber starts from my understanding. And they are gonna continue to mature as they dry. Your strain is gonna affect effects too. If it’s mostly indica and mostly cloudy, chances are you aren’t gonna get any energetic effects.

So, this is something I need to check on daily?

It does happen quickly. I had tons of white pistils on Saturday and then Wednesday she went completely yellow with no more white pistils sticking straight out.

you can check daily if you want to, but i don’t. after 4 grows i have gone to checking trichs before i water because i want the plant to be mostly dry when i chop. in looking at where your microscope is positioned i see that it is quite a ways down your plant. when i check trichomes to decide to harvest i check the four biggest buds and get the shot right up towards the tip of the bud (within an inch or half inch). there are some who check different parts of the plant, lots of ways to do this stuff. i will also tell you that “suggested flower time” is just a guess. i chop at 10 to 20% amber and have gone 1 to 4 weeks past on my grows. if you want couch lock, you got at least a couple weeks before you will get to 40 or 50%. but i grow fems and not auto’s so it might be different, but i suspect not much. you are right, things can change fast, but not within a day or two. in my experience, the buds almost double in size the last two weeks before they are at best potential, so if you have seen your buds explode this last week then you might be real close, if not, maybe you got some time left.