Trich question, lend me your eyes


There you go haha. But that would take a lot of time behind the microscope :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s the wife’s job. This is her bud, she need to put in some work too


Grass or ass! No free rides haha


In this case, I get both


That’s called a “Win, win!!!”


Last trich pics for this plant. She’ll finish her 48hr dark period at 6pm and that’s when I slaughter her.


congrats @Bobbydigital! great job bud


What a great ride! Had my mouth watering, lol.


@monkman, I’m excited to see your ladies grow up! I do not envy you come harvest time, lol! Took me over 8 1/2 straight hours to trim up this one plant. No idea how people harvest multiple plants. A bowl trimmer is going to be my next purchase.


They have been in 3 gal. pots for a week and are starting to really take off. i watered them for the first time since transplant and the branches grew a half inch while i was in town for lunch and looked 4 hours later lol. i think your plant might be significantly bigger than any of mine but that depends on when i put them to flower. tomorrow is their 5th week birthday and though none have shown sex yet i am just waiting for Mattybear to say flower those girls. i will post pics for their birthday tomorrow. i want small plants and that will help when i go to harvest, and i will not harvest more than one a day, i hope, but that depends, i want to do the “drill the stem” thing and the ice in pot thing and i think you have to do a 24 hour dark thing with it and then harvest a week later… if that is the case i might have to harvest all at once… what a nightmare lol


I drilled the stem and didn’t notice any difference at all. I did the ice bath and 48hrs of dark. I noticed a difference after 24hrs of that. The frostiness increased quite a bit and my buds actually reduced in size by about 1/3rd. They didn’t lose weight, just compressed and became more dense. That threw me off as I hadn’t read anything about them doing that.


i just saw a post about the shrinkage thing the other day, he had before and after pics and it was for the ice.


Lol, that was mine


Can you link the post? I’d like to see. :smiley:


Tagged you in that one. Not sure how to chain


I like that I Phone lenses attachment @Bobbydigital, I am ordering one today!


Just a heads up on that xenovo: it comes with the wide lens screwed onto it. Need to take that off to utilize the magnifier (had to watch the video that comes with it to figure that out). It also comes with a clip on led light. To get the most of the lens zoom, zoom your phone all the way in.