Trich question, lend me your eyes


I think you are on daily watch. Looks like around 3% amber to me and mostly cloudy. I just smoked a bowl though so my vision is a little skewed.


I separated each one, thought you’d be able to zoom in that way. I’ll get one in white light in a minute


Some reason it’s harder to focus under the natural light. I’ll post 3 more separately





WIth the new information, if it were me, I’d probably have them going through their final preparations.


I am in complete agreement. Looking really good!


I have been flushing her throughout the week (due to an unforeseen PPM spike). She’s down to about 500 ppm and due tomorrow for another watering so I’ll flush with distilled to get all of that out.

Wife will be happy that she was right this time. Thank you all for your time (and eyes)!


@Bobbydigital How does that magnifier work? How much performance etc.


It’s an xenvo attachment for phones. It has a magnifying lens and a widescreen lens.

I have a Carson microbrite plus that gets much closer but can’t take pics with it


After looking at the second set of pictures, you still have about 3ish weeks left. Those white long hairs still indicate the plant is still a bit young and has a good ways to go with swelling and putting on some more weight and potency. If you can’t see the trichs clearly when a majority of those bad boys turn orange it’s about time to harvest right when the lights come on.


And on another note, since it’s getting to it’s end, are you planning on doing a period of darkness with ice at the base of the plant?
Aaannnnnddd I just realized how old this thread is, I should read more before just replying, my bad.


Yeah, the first pics were because my wife was telling me there was a bunch of amber. She was taking advantage of my colorblindness (this plant is for her). I do plan on ice bathing once I go to dark period, probably Sunday or Monday.


I would wait a week or two they look pretty cloudy to me Just my 85Cent


That’s a lot of amber, in my book. :grinning: Full disclosure, though, I don’t like much amber myself, so any amber is a lot of amber.


I don’t either but it should help with the wife’s insomnia. Weird thing is I still have white pistols that aren’t burning off. May have foxtailed a bit when I introduce the QB.


The trichs are what really matter, in the end.

She looks great!


Thanks @blackthumbbetty, I’ve seen your grows so that means a lot!


Some pics they look ready and others I would give a little more time… I know that doesn’t help much haha. Good looking plant! :+1:


I’ll separate the amber ones from the cloudy ones and put them in “nighttime” and “daytime” jars, lol