Trich question, lend me your eyes


That last pic is something special. :slight_smile:


Took off her support bra. Happy to see she’s not saggy in her old age


Very firm ! :star_struck:


Looks like you have some BOTM contenders on that plant to me. Start playing with your camera more. :slight_smile:


These are the best I have. I’ve seen the BOTM’s and I’m not there yet


Your buds are there. Now it’s a question of lighting and photography skills IMHO.


Yeah, probably shouldn’t be using my grow light as photo lighting.



What say you able-eyed folks? Wife is on an amber kick again. Today’s triches posted above

@Bogleg, @Drinkslinger, @Jarnkat, @merlin44


Way better if you want to sample some I’m sure you can find a few good ones to sample but I wouldn’t harvest just yet I still see some clears in there but she is definitely coming along nicely IMO! You may want to let a few more experienced guys look in but that’s My opinion!!


I’ve given her all of the small ones I possibly can. She’s chit out of luck until this plant is ready.


It’s got mostly cloudy clear from what I can tell do you mind if I tag a few others that have more experience than I do!!


I am with @Jarnkat, almost there. I would start prepping for harvest about 1 week out if it were mine.

Nice job.


Of course not.


@Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @dbrn32 @blackthumbbetty @garrigan65 do y’all mind checking out these trics trying to get a harvest opinion!!


Yeah, post away :wink:


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Look about ready to me. There’s still some clear, but getting a good amount of amber.


Well, I have one final flush which should happen tomorrow. Then I’ll let the soil dry out and call it a day.


Can you put one picture up in a single post? Superzoom is possible then.

I’d say they are very close but would be nice to see in white light.