Trich question, lend me your eyes


Wife says she sees amber, my colorblind eyes won’t allow me to. What do y’all see? According to my schedule, I should have 3 1/2 more weeks to go but I know plants be ready when they feel like it. Should I start my 2 week flush?


I don’t see any amber myself. But I suck at evaluating trichomes. Those look mostly clear to me - there are some reflections that make it look like there might be an amber or two in the first picture… or they might actually be amber.

If you think you are still 3 1/2 weeks away - can you post a pic of the whole plant? You might very well have another swell coming that you don’t want to miss.



My advice (FWIW - which is as much as I paid to be here on this forum) would be to be patient and keep checking trichomes. I think your 3 week assessment is still spot on.


I’m patient. Wife isn’t, lol. Think that’s why she’s saying she sees 10-20% “amber”


Perhaps longer, don’t rush to harvest. That was my huge mistake on first and second grows. Getting much better (fifth grow in progress) but still must exercise patience as harvest time nears.

You are doing a great job, just wait a little longer for your reward, @Bobbydigital.
Other folks may have different advice but I don’t even start seriously looking a trichomes until all (or nearly all) pistils have turned.


@Bobbydigital hey bud, i see all clear hardly any cloudy at all and no amber. next time on the close-ups of trichs it would be a help for us old guys if you got just a bit closer. and the plants are looking fantastic, great job bud.


I do see a couple spots of amber, but it might just be on the sugar leaves. Be sure to look at the trichomes on the flower. That’s what you’ll be smoking.
The overall pics show many white pistols, so 3 1/2 weeks might be spot on.


@Bobbydigital btw, it said on my camera to remove the clear ring around in front of mount by lens to get closer to plant. i haven’t tried that yet on mine though.


I had a feeling she was pulling my leg. That’s why I wanted to check with y’all. She has the patience of a kid on Christmas Eve. And she wants me to do amnesia haze next which has a 4 week longer flower time, lol


I’m using my 15x magnifier that attaches to my phone. Too hard to get a picture with my 120x microscope


Definitely looks like I still a bunch of clear ones no amber from what I can tell!! I agree with the rest of the group!!


Delaying gratification now will give you a bigger harvest down the road. Maybe that will help mitigate her excitement. :wink:


Good luck with that lol. If you can build up some bud, you might find patience gets better. I started a second tent for veg and the old tent is flower now. With 3 in flower, I haven’t stressed over the ones in the veg tent. Really lets you relax to veg plants. When you have some in flower.


You could always cut her a sample now so she can compare it to when it’s finished. When she tastes the difference i guarantee she won’t see that “amber” on the next grow. :rofl::rofl:


Oh I have. Keep cutting off these bottom feeders and they keep growing back. She got stoned so she thinks it’s go time


Just wrote about this somewhere else. If you have a dry herb vape pen or something like that. Just take enough bud off the plant to fill the chamber and pack lightly. No quick drying or anything. Just vaping the resin off it. It’s obviously a bit plenty, but very clean and smooth high since its vaping the fresh bud, and not smoking the quick dried harsh stuff.


I agree with @Drinkslinger, there’s a few random amber. But i also agree with the others there’s plenty of clear to wait a couple weeks.


I could see clear. That’s why I checked with y’all. I very rarely smoke so I could let it go another 10 weeks if needed.


Getting closer. No more nutes for this ol’ Lady. Went ahead and cross drilled stem. She should be set to come down in a few weeks.