Triangle bug. ....15 characters now


Green triangle shape winged bug, saw leaf dropped 90 degrees under leaf was this bug apparently sucking juice directly from the vein. Vampire bug? Should i worry?

Outdoor grow, icheck plants every day only one i have seen.

Thanks for your info…will try to post apicture

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Thanks for the link @SmoknGranny did not find the exact bug, but looks to be a leaf hopper or thorn bug in the cicadia family. Have seen 3 of these so far this year, more nuisance than threat.
They dont do any visible damage, but bite into the main leaf vein or even directly into the stalk and suck life out of the plant. Guess i will have to label them myself since could not find the exact bug on wiki or anywhere, i,m going with vampire bug. Or marijuana tick? Yuk!

Thanks, hope you have a great day!

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You’re welcome sweetie. Keep in mind that regular gardening sites are sometimes very helpful even with our special grows :slightly_smiling_face: Another site to try is “your state” insects in your regular search bar. Some states agriculture sites are also a good source of information.

Yep, i have some local resources, MOFGA is a great resource for gardeners around here, but dont think they are really up to speed on weed yet - though they will have to get there soon since it is legal now.

I grow lots of stuf, only ever seen this bug on mj so figured i will ask here first. I saw one last year, three so far this year, so something i will keep an eye on.

Have been following your sneaky gardens, like what you are doing there, i could post apic over there of what i am doing if that would be welome-

Sorry for the rambling post-

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Definitely need to watch for these arond here, found #4 today

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These things are hard to spot, if you look up the stalk to the branch just below the top of the tomato cage, there is a growth or thorny looking thing, that is the bug. Sorry for the poor pic, it was the best i can do with my ipad.

@Mikeinsome. Squish em. Has anyone seen these


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@Downsouth i dont see those around here. It does not look like a good bug, was it attacking the plant?

I’m glad you are aware of other helpful sites. :+1: And yes, other sites are not specific for MJ but can provide confirmation (ie, insects) or other general information that is relevant to growing in general. I, personally, have found clarity by reading a variety of gardening sites, state specific sites, etc. and that’s why I encourage others to utilize them :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m flattered that you’re following my Sneaky Garden and you and others are always welcome to post a pic or ask questions there :+1: I’m not as detailed as many others nor as experienced, but I totally approve of opening up areas of new discussion so we can all learn :hugs:

Possible young boxelder bug :thinking:

@Mikeinsome No just wandering around. Another one was wandering around on the next branch up. Not a box elder. I’ve been looking around and can not find it.

Yah, i dont know, best guess is something like a squash bug, iwould squish it. Or sometimes i use a vacuum cleaner on squash bugs, i have a special one bought just for that pupose. Works fairly well. I thought @SmoknGranny had it nailed as boxelder, but i dont really see that well anymore!

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I spent some time today looking online at many “red bugs” My eyesight is not too good either :slight_smile:️ I bounced back and forth between red spider mite and the boxelder. The red and pale markings are throwing me off which I wondered if it was a juvenile boxelder. It’s interesting research overall and a challenge :slightly_smiling_face:

@SmoknGranny I’ve looked to no avail. I let the live one go in the front yard. Have not seen anymore. I check my girls at least 10 times a day ,strange looking bug. Still worth growing outdoors. Thanks for looking.

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The triangle vampire bugs have turned brown. They also have spiky horns that hurt when you pick them off. Think i seen this before
Will post a comparison pic if i can get a better camera.

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