Triacontanol as a foliar spray

I purchased some powdered triacontanol to use in a foliar spray. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or specifics on how I should do it.

Never used triacontanol products as foliar spray. Just to feed plants with.

How do you apply it and how do you dissolve it. All the reasearch I’ve done said to use polysorbate 20. There wasn’t a specific recipe.

I’m not sure, I can try and look around though. I’ve used liquids that came with dilution instructions.

If you use web search tool and search polysorbate 20 for plants you can find some info. If all you’re looking for is triacontanol, there are a number of horticulture specific products that have it. Alfalfa extract, canna boost. And superthrive all have it

I have the triacontanol powder and I’m ordering the polysorbate20. Just can’t find a recipe on how they should be mixed for a foliar spray or to use as a Nute.

This is what you are looking for. I am currently using it and seeing instant results!

Sorry, wrong link. It’s this one:

Thank you for the direct link. I just purchased some for 27.00

No problem! Good luck with it!