Tremendous summer heat

My indoor semi outdoor 85° plus plus weather summertime.
Inside temp way too hot I think I saw the problem we will see?


No I see that works I will make things more stationary. I have it on low 75° temperature it’s maintaining 76° inside the tent 46% humidity

Did a quick temp set up like that once and it got me through. Gotta do whatcha gotta do brother :love_you_gesture:

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You will have more success managing temp if you put that input air in near the bottom of the tent. All you are doing by inputting cool air near the top of the tent is ensuring that it is exhausted too quickly to do any good.

Use that input port on the bottom, right side of the tent.


Thank you

Yes I wanted to see if it was gonna work first now I’m going to reset the air conditioner up reset the tubing up to go along the wall and around the back bottom flow into the tent from the bottom so it pulls the cooler up and exhaust out the top


I have a port hole on the left bottom also that’s the one I’m going to use

The air conditioner speed mode is set on low temperature is set at 75° inside the tent the heat range went from 89° down to 76° and holding 46% humidity. ? Are these good conditions I am a first timer?

Yes that temperature and rh is pretty good if you can hold it steady

The rh will probably jump up at night so keep an eye on that

Thank you

I would insulate the line from a/c to tent. You will start to have condensation building up on that line


Yes sir I was just out looking at it trying to figure out which way I’m going to go about it.