Trellis Net Ready?

Hey guys! Hope all is well. Got some new runoff collection trays for the girls, so I can test some run off. My citric acid will be here by Friday so I can correctly PH the water im giving them. Sorry for rambling…Are they ready for a trellis and at what height do I put it in my 4x4x6 tent?

You could place a Scrog net right at the highest plant level and begin tucking as they grow.
I like about 16-18” between my pots and the net. Just so I can maneuver under it and to improve airflow.


Get a scrog to train and a second wider trellis to hold buds

But trust me get 2 it will have you lots of time and money from having to support heavy buds late in flowering. I used a scrog and had a crazy amount of colas but because I spread there arms so wide once they grew up they all couldn’t support the bud weight which is why I have to crawl around this mess and there’s a scrog there u just can’t see it

Second photo is when I started the scrog and it’s placement which it’s still in that exact spot

this is exactly the kind of scenario I don’t want in my 4x8 and It may be to late. Plants look great though.

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Is that diatomaceous earth in your pots

Perilite as well