Treatment for White Flies

Please suggest a treatment for White Flies that can be used on ripening buds.
Neem Oil doesn’t work for me.

Does anyone know spray on that would kill the flies but not damage the buds or smoke?

Thank You all for your helpful comments and suggestions. :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

A whole bunch of ladybugs? Sticky traps? Dammit, I wish I could remember who the “bug” guy is.

Ah…perhaps @Sirsmokesalot can help?

Not sure how immediate your needs are.

I should have explained. Plant is in 5 gallon bucket doing hydro grow.
two weeks from harvest…need something that will kill white flies but not kill buds or make smoking bad.

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Straight 3% peroxide sprayed on!

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Does it make any diff if sprayed on day or night?

Used it for harvest dip. Never used it to kill white flies.

Used Pyritherin spray and it did kill the white flies…BUT, found out it’s not so good for human consumption. Won’t be using that again.

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Just before lights out would be best and you can douche it daily. Once you knock em back a bit then get on the weekly regimen: spray with peroxide, wait 48 hours, spray with Captain Jack’s, wait 5 days, repeat.

And what is Captain Jack’s and where can it be obtained?


I hope this is the right stuff:

thank you…will check it out

Sorry have been away this week for work - ripening buds being the main issue I would probably try lady bugs from amazon. Pretty reasonable and with the amount you get per order you should see instant results and as long as they stay alive they’ll keep the white flies at bay.

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Are they still infested?

Hydrogen peroxide and a peppermint/chrysanthemum spray have greatly reduced the infestation.
However, seems there are still a few around.
I will continue the spray treatment until next week when I harvest.

Then…everything gets sterilized and sanitized.

All the helpful suggestions have been a great help…thanks to all.

Take a look at this:

I just killed a bunch of them on my plants. Not just the ladies, I grow a lot of tomatoes which got attacked by white flies every year for 3 decades. On all veggies too, so I found way to kill them organically that I don’t have to worry eating them.

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Hey tanlover442

Take a look at this: Essentria IC3: This product contains a generous mix of horticultural oils and can be directly applied to your plants without damaging them.

I think it works perfect.

I’ve never tried, but as a general precaution I would stay away from oils on buds.

No scientific backing, just my hunch.

No, don’t use been oil on it! Here’re faith of white flies that fed on my tomatoes. (I didn’t have them as much on my weed because I babied them with spray more often). I neglected them too much because I spent most of my time on my weeds, some had snapped. So I quickly pounded up 5 garlic cloves + 2 hanenero peppers, and added 1/2 tsp of Dawn liquid dishwasher. Strained into spray bottle. Dead on contact!

Many thanks…always ready to checkout something new.