Treating small issue of purple leaf steams

Hello everyone. I noticed today that one of my plants has some purple leaf stems. The plant stalk and branches have a little bit of purple stripes . Just wondering what can correct this issue? This also happened on my first harvest during my flowering cycle the plants started to take on these purple striped branches and purple leaf stems.
Any advice to this topic would be much appreciated! Have a good day.

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P deficiency will cause purple hue to leaves and stems. That said; many many strains simply produce purple stems. Mine are doing that right now but the plant is as healthy and well-supported as can be. IMO it’s nothing to worry about unless leaves become affected.


I too have had several strains produce purple or purple striped stems and branches. As long as they’re healthy keep doing what you’re doing


I have 4 white widows that are in the flowering stage right now. A couple of them have purple leaf stems. But they are healthy enough. Some plants just do that. Not necessarily anything wrong imo. Just the plant. If your leaves start looking strange. Then on might have a deficiency? I’m new to auto-flower. So take my advice with a grain of sand! Lol hope this helps you.

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thanks to you all for the advice. I agree about the strain or genetics that make them produce the purple leaf stems and branches. I was scratching my head about the phosphorus, i was reading that high levels of phosphorus can sometimes change the color of the stems and sometimes in heavy cases the leaves aswell. I dont know. However the last harvest i had was pretty good plants were healthy with purple steams and a striped stalk (purple and green).
Much appreciate all the advice… Have a good day.