Treating skin cancer

I’d like to contact Majiktoker…

I’ll perform the ritual call . . .

“Well I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a @Majiktoker . . .”



@TicoGringo you can try PM him at @Majiktoker . As to your topic , i would be interested in …@Hammer

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Hi Hammer,I’ll do my best to keep you posted,I’m self treating on some active external lesions…I’m using a oil that I made from a wild sativa plant,and have recently received some Emu oil that I have mixed into the oil…My research shows it opens skin pores and allows a deeper penetration of the cannabis meds…Majitoker has been extremely helpful…I’m adding his call sign hoping that he gets a copy,@majiktoker

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I have a Father with skin cancer …this is why i asked … Thanx Hammer

@TicoGringo, hola amigo how’s it going I how’d that recipe work for you, @Hammer if you need help my friend I can help you

Thank you M will PM you later …Hammer

Ok, I’ll be around when I can my phone’s shut off so I’ll be here asap to help

Hi Hammer y Toker,Toker a little update,My cancer is along my hair line,While it is an aggressive type,I’ve been hitting it for about ten days or so , now,It is no longer an open sore,no itching ,no pain,I’d like to say it’s in remission,BUT !!! Only time will tell…Today I just completed a new batch of oil… I added a shot of Emu oil per cup of oil…The Emu is purported to open the skin pores for better [penetration than anything else,I aim is to get as much meds as deep and as quickly as I can…As Said before I’ll keep you two posted…JD


Toker,Ya know I feel quite confident in your opinion and guidance,Just wanted to tell you this,Your appreciated,More I’m ready to order some seeds,You know I don’t smoke much any more and I enjoy growing roses and pot…My original wild sativa is quite strong,and I have a handful of clones going,My new goal is to raise some plants that will fight internal cancer…I have an old friend in Panama that has prostate cancer,and no money…I’m thinking that I can get some refined oil to him through my wife’s sister who is coming in August,So working with my old wild plants will have to do for now…Robert has built one hell of a good site here and my seeds will only come from him,I’m thinking of his new Gold Leaf,but I can add any others that you suggest,Tuyo Amigo WAY south of the border !!

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That’s good to hear, I will be here when I can my friend my apologies for any delayed reply, sounds like it’s helping, BUT to say, time will truly tell if it’s helping, and i seen your post on me being very helpful. I’m happy to be of help brother, it’s my pleasure it feels good to be able to help people at such a young age, none the less in the medical fields, I’ll be around as much as I possibly can to keep an eye on you and the progress with the oil, thank you for the update I greatly appreciate it. And thank you very much for the kind words

Id get the jack herer, it’s a great strain as well, and i will help look into some other strains, I know I have a few good ones in mind, NY diesel isn’t sold here however it’s a great strain, really potent and helps really well for pain and anxiety.

Again brother it’s my pleasure in happy to be able to help at such a young age, and you and i have that in common I enjoy growing pot, I have done it for quiet some time now, that’s how I actually bought my first house lol and bought my business…my phone’s been shut off that’s why I haven’t been around here to much but that won’t keep me away, just won’t be here as often even though I try to be here as much as possible

Well my friend,What I said is all true,Aside from that ,my military training will help in the medical field,[ was a medic and studied medicine at Michigan State for a couple of years before I gave it up…But my trauma training and studies at State will help both of us in this endeavor…Lets go for it !!

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I’m all in let’s go for it just let me know what I have to do to help and I’ll be right there to help, but I won’t take credit for your work buddy, all I do is give guidance and provide great recipes, other than that I’ve never worked in a medical field, I’m a mechanical engineer and own my own mechanic business

Sólo asesoramiento y consejo ,[Only advice and counsel.]. BTW,Over the weekend I had a lot of company from my wife’s adopted family here,When they noticed my little garden they asked what I was doing with it, and my wife explained that I was working on medicine for arthritis,So I brought out a jar of oil and two of them proceeded to apply it ,One of whom did have arthritis ,about an hour later I was watching her closely as was her husband,She was no longer using two hands to pick up her drink…So her husband asked her how she was feeling,the question surprised her and she looked at her wrists,and happily stated "I have no pain " …


Nice!! I’m glad that recipe worked for you brother, seriously I am, you have no idea how happy that makes me feel, being able to help you and have you share with others and help their pain to that’s awesome I’m proud of you good job man. As for guidance and counsil, yes sir I’m happy to guide you, especially when your making the most out of it :thumbsup:

Good Morning Toker !! AND IT IS A GOOD MORNING !!! All of them are at my stage of the game !

This morning I would like to pick our brain about using a machine called Magical Butter Maker,It’s an automated critter that makes butter,separates oil,etc sound easy…I stumbled across it in a couple of different articles and it’s sold on Ebay and Amazon…It ain’t cheap,especially after shipping and import duties…It’ll run right at $500 bucks when it /if I buy it…I would have posted on the forum but didn’t as it is a commercial device not advertised on ILGM…I don’t know the rules regarding that…
How you doing Amigo ? JD

I’m alright buddy, I tried my electrical system in my car so I’ve been chasing electrical problems for almost 2 weeks now, as for harvests and grows, I’m doing alright every thing is coming along nicely.

It’s good to hear from you

Toker !!! Just an unbelievable update !!! It starts like this…I had my septic stank cleaned and I had six cannabis just harvested plants right out in the open…When these guys finished one of them remarked you have some nice flowers,and grinned real big , So to try to put out any problems I invited them into my office and showed the my medicine mixture which was in process…They were properly impressed…About a week later they came back and presented me a business card…and said this company has cannabis plants for sale,Today we were with our trusted taxi driver paying monthly bills and asked him to take us there…When we arrived there was two young very knowledgeable men working in the shop…If you remember I have had no luck in shipping seeds here,There were roughly 15 young sprouted plants, all about six inches high,After discussing what he plants were I asked how much they were…and what I was looking for…So after making a decision ,I bought two feminized autos…A Moby Dick XXl and a Amnesia XXL,complete with in nice one gallon pots,Real glazed pots with 10 inch saucers,another plant tat I can’t remember the name which they told to return in a week and it would be ready to go,I paid the bill,which was for all three,just a bit under 15 dollars…One of them said would you like to see what the unremembered name plant produces…We went in the back room and there was TWO 55 very full gallon bags on the floor…They were full of bud,fresh cut…and well trimmed…He said they cut down the “Tree” yesterday,He said this the unremembered name that you bought,He presented me four buds as big as my forearm and 14 to 24 inches long…He stated this is a present for you…Here’s the kicker,I asked him how much did the harvest weigh,He said " Oh max o minus six or seven KILO’S "’ !!!,That’s roughly 17 pounds,Toker there is two ounces of bud in my office hanging and drying as I type…I love this country more each day !!
OOPS ,a bit more ,he went and got a seed book and said you can buy anything in here at the same price I just paid,they will sprout them and pot them too…The seed book is Dinafem…
I have a grin on my face that will take a week to get rid of…


Dinafem seeds are kick ass get dude thaats awesome to hear I’m proud of you good job in glad to hear you got some thing going for yourself with a little guidance. It’s great to hear from you I’ve been super busy