Treating Dementia with Cannabis


@SmoknGranny I worry the same. But we can pray for each other and that should keep us in the right mind… :pray::prayer_beads:


When I cross reference to the strains that are good for Alzheimer’s I get a list that doesn’t really jive up with any of these and most of the strains aren’t what I would consider main stream.

Started writing this earlier and forgot to post it. I will screen the alz strains in a bit.

Thanks for the encouragement @BIGE @Myfriendis410 @Daddy


Yes we can my friend :hugs::heart:


I’m very thankful for ALL of what you are doing; for your friend and us here! With all of us “oldies but goodies” growing and smoking again, this is a much needed & valuable topic :hugs:


I have pretty mild MS and at my last appointment my neurologist told me he was starting a study of MS patients with one anti-MS drug versus patients taking the same drug plus CBD. If they can do this on a few thousand patients, we could get some real scientific proof that cannabis helps for some disease. That would disprove the DEA’s claim that cannabis has no medical use, which has to get it demoted to Class 2 at least. This means any physician could prescribe it.


@SmoknGranny Yes, as I will be praying for us both and a wonderful woman whom I love very much…my wife. She has signs of it. I hope we can put a hold on it but I dont know. One of my hopes with getting into growing. For me, and eventually for her. I just hope and I pray for her each and every day. And if anything with mj can help her, I will be looking for it.


I’m adding your wife to my prayers my friend. :hugs::heart:️ I got back into this for others as well as myself. Speaking of which I’m doing more decarb tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:. Butter on sale $1.88/lb. Not the high dollar brand & quality but it’ll work! I meant to pick up some coconut oil but forgot. Another Senior Moment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


This is a great article! I’m very beginner. Would someone please define the abbreviations on the insomnia chart? I recognize ogkush but that’s about all. I’m currently retired RN caring for an elderly couple in their home wife dx w Altzheimers MD wouldn’t even prescribe Marinol for appetite! Husband has end stage renal desease on dialysis. If I could find something to help him sleep & her get her cognitive abilities back I would leap for joy. Also, s of last week I’m a toking Granna! Lol


@PHamm The strain codes are the big letters, The names of the strains are under in small print/ If you click on the chart the image will be enlarged for you.

I gotta tell you that there are many strains not listed on that chart that will help him sleep and her to eat and be more cognitive.

Are you going to grow the strains for them or just procure them locally?

If growing I’d recommend Autos for the quick turnaround at least initially. If you’re going to get seeds from ILGM I will look through their offerings and see what matches up.


You might want to find a high THC strain and a high CBD strain and then experiment. In general, sativas are better for mental acuity and indicas are better for sleep. Either one of them might benefit from either or both. When we get old, it’s not unusual to have multiple things go wrong. If they have never smoked, you might get them a cheap vaporizer. My desktop vape cost about $65 and it is certainly a lot smoother than smoking.

See if you can get those in auto and “easy to grow” strains. It can be fairly simple.


I found this to be interesting about how much CBD to take. I got this off of the Pure CBD Vapors website


CBD for the people

First and foremost, there is no scientific information at this point that directs how much CBD you should take for any given situation. This is just the way it is with Natural Remedies. And, the FDA only allows Hemp CBD Oil manufacturers to sell their oils with CBD as food supplements and not as any type of medicinal product. So, until it can be sold as a medicinal supplement or remedy, there won’t be any scientific data supporting sizes of doses. But, there is some helpful information below that was found by scouring the internet and by talking to many people who have taken CBD. Hopefully, this info will help you by giving you guidelines to help you figure out what a proper dose may be for you.

Its important to note that CBD Hemp Oil products are, by FDA guidelines, to be treated as food supplements. As such, all products are required to have some form of nutritional label on them just like you’d see on food at your grocery store. And, all nutritional labels require a “suggested serving size”. So, all manufacturers HAVE TO put some “suggested serving size” on the label. This is a huge disservice to anyone purchasing CBD Hemp Oil and trying to figure out how much they should take. Most people turn to the label and figure whatever it says is how much they should take. This couldn’t be further from the truth. But, the labeling requirement reality. So, please know that you should not give any credence to how much CBD the label says is a serving size. The numbers chosen are either arbitrary or can be helpful to some degree, but not necessarily an indication of how much CBD you should take.

For instance, on many brands you’ll see they use 10 drops as a serving size. And, they usually indicate how many milligrams of CBD are in 10 drops of our product. This is because it is important to know how many milligrams of CBD you are taking. So, say for instance, that you determine by the information below that you should have 10 milligrams of CBD. And, let’s assume the label indicates 10 drops has 5mg of CBD. So, in this hypothetical case with this hypothetical product, you would take 20 drops to get 10mg. Many brands choose to post 10 drops as their serving size as its an easy number for customers to work with in determining how many drops they should actually take.

So, HOW MUCH CBD SHOULD I TAKE? This is the real question. And, as stated earlier in this article, there is no scientific data that says any particular number. And, by FDA guidelines, no one can say that any number of CBD will cure, help or treat any health condition. But, here’s what can be shared. Consider two things: your weight and the severity of your condition. The bigger you are, the more CBD one typically has to take. And, the more severe the situation, the more CBD one typically has to take.

The following chart may help in determining a “STARTING POINT” of how much you might want to take. Again, there is no scientific statement as to what is right, the following is a “best practices” guideline put together for your help:

To restate, the amounts above have been reported by others as a good point at which to start, then adjust as your body dictates.

One nice aspect of CBD is that, to date, no one has reported that you can take too much. This may sound kind of hokey, but its a good analogy: If you’re taking spinach to improve your health, how much is too much? Well, there’s really not any reasonable amount that would be considered “too much spinach”. And, CBD is generally considered sort of the same. So, knowing this, you are advised to start with an amount you think is reasonable, knowing you can always increase or decrease until you find your particular “happy spot”. (Hang in there, this article is leading to some actual numbers. All this introductory info has to be covered first as some people will only read to the numbers, then run off and try it without knowing all the facts about how to determine how much CBD one should take.)

So, HOW MUCH? Well, the range of milligrams of CBD for most is somewhere between 4 milligrams and 30 milligrams, per day. Okay, so knowing this, lets try throwing some real numbers around, again, these are merely starting points, knowing full well that you can increase or decrease as needed. Let’s say you weigh 120lbs and you have anxiety. So, your weight would be considered in the light to medium range and your condition would be considered to be in the light to medium range. So, you might start off taking between 4-10mg of CBD, per day. And, again, you can increase or decrease from there. One person shared that they are 160lbs and have chronic pain. They started off taking 15 mg of CBD per day, but increased to 20mg to find their relief. Someone else is almost 200lbs and has cancer along with all the horrible effects of chemo. So, they are heavier and their condition is more severe. They take between 25-30mg of CBD per day depending on how they generally feel when waking up. (note: There is one person we’ve heard from who has to take 45mg of CBD per day for their condition. While this is not common, it does occur.)

One last note on all this: It is recommended that when first starting out, try taking 1 dose of your daily amount in the morning AND 1 dose in the evening; take it twice per day for the first 3-4 days to build it up in your system. Then, after these first few days, drop back to once per day. From this point forward, you should be able to tell IF CBD will help you and IF SO, do you need to increase or decrease or, perhaps, double up with 2 doses a day, as some people do. For instance, a close person fighting cancer has to take CBD twice per day to stay ahead of the debilitating effects of the chemo.

As you can see by these last few paragraphs, there is NO actual data on how much CBD you should take. But, its also pretty easy to jump in and start trying to figure it out. Just listen to your body. It always knows!

So, we hope this helps you with your question:


The reason I bring this up is because this is one place (of many) where you can buy CBD oil and it is of a known strength. Growing MJ and using it without laboratory testing to determine the strength is pretty ok for ourselves, but when we are caring for other I cringe a little when i hear someone recommend a “High THC” “HIGH CBD” strains.

High amounts of THC can be dangerous for people who have not ingested MJ before. We have to exercise even more caution especially with the elderly. THC does seem to benefit the brain but too much THC can invoke psychotic episodes in some people so I think it is best to go the blended route.
Many strains of MJ boast a “HIGH CBD CONTENT” and then don’t tell you what it is.

One that ILGM Seedbank has is the strain Critical Mass but if you read the page

All they can say is that Critical Mass "has a very high CBD percentage, but its THC is also fairly high (at around 22%). "

Her is what a locally tested source has for numbers for Critical Mass. (Note: Since I don’t know where they got their seeds, I have to go by what they provide as it is the best info I have)

[TAC 17.6%] THCA: 5.6%, THC: 0.3%, CBC: 0.1%, CBDA: 10.9%, CBD: 0.4%, CBGA 0.3%

So while ILGM claims a 22% THC this actual tested sample here was more like 6% THC and 11% CBD.

I am 100% that a high CBD and low to medium THC is safer to start with. The best way to accomplish this is blending strains.

I make my own vape juice by blending Vape Oil containing CBD with the solid form of MJ (Wax, dabs etc) I mix it two ways. One for her contains a high CBD and low THC and mine is a somewhat higher THC than CBD. I have tried both and the slightly higher THC works better forme and the low THC works better for her.


Now that makes a lot of sense to me. It’s also why the two sprays doesn’t work !


You would need about 10 pumps to be effective I think @SmoknGranny

One serving two pumps equal 1.25 mg of CBD is 6.25 mg of CBD

BTW all of the measures being in different measurements it impossible to figure out what really equals what. Heck math…ugh


Boy Ain’t that the truth!!! My math skills have eroded the last few years.
I tried smoking it with no effect also. I’m actually thinking of trying it out on my Doxie for her seizures.


This is why smoking or vaping can be a lot better to find your effective dose than eating, at least to begin with. When you eat some product, you are committed. You might be unpleasantly high for many hours. When you smoke or vape you can decide to stop at any point, and you can take hits and wait a few minutes before taking another to see if you want more. I’m doing a lot of testing right now on myself, to see what works for me. I smoke different strains very slowly, just to get a slight buzz and see what the strain does.

If you had a commercial CBD oil product, I would increase the dose gradually to see if there is some point where it is too much. Once you find the sweet spot, that dose of that brand will probably do it for you. When you buy more bottles, that brand will probably act the same. If you switch brands, then start over and work your way up to find your dosage.

If you grew some CBD strain, you could make oil, pool it all in one container, and even get it tested at a lab. It really does not cost that much. Or instead of testing, you could just sneak up on the dosage like I suggested earlier. The point being, the pooling and mixing together gives you one product that can give you consistent results, even if different plants produce different amounts of THCs and CBDs.

By the way, thanks for that great blog posting about dosage. I sent it off to my neighbor who is trying to use CBD for his Trigeminal Neuropathy. That’s a condition where one of your facial nerves just suddenly gives you what feels like a massive electrical shock several times a day.


@1BigFella We are exactly on the same page. I’d be interested to see what dosage your neighbor is taking and at what point if any he gets relief. Let me know when you get an update. The commercial CBD from hemp products is measured in mg per ml and they seem to be consistent.


@bob31. Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Ready to get back to work. Thank you for this, yes, I’d like to get the seeds from ILGM. That would be great! I am gatheringvsupplies to start my grow. Tent & light ordered. Will have to buy indoor stuff as I can afford, like something every pay day.


@bob31 I just started using vape juice & I love it! I want to eventually make my own. Meantime, I’m enjoying the little subtle boost in creativity & motivation or relaxation it gives. Plus it’s fun to puff on something that may help rather than harm me (like cigarettes).


Grow, I have no procurement sources at this point, other than grow. I’m thinking blueberry?